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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach


The University Print Shop and Copier Service provide high-speed black & white and color copying from their state of the art digital printers. Our black & white copiers are rated at 110 copies per minute and the color printer is near offset print quality and is rated at 70 copies per minute. You can send us electronic files or hard copies. Because we have a fully digital work flow, we prefer electronic files. However, we can provide services for camera-ready originals as well. Services include printing from your disk, reflective original, or original transparency. The pricing is the same for either form of artwork.

Price List

Black & White Copies greyscale

Color Copies colorscale

The standard paper used for color copying is 70# text.

Office Information

California State University, Long Beach
University Print Shop
1331 Palo Verde Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90840
Mail Stop: 6601
Phone:work (562) 985-4501
Fax:fax (562) 985-5324