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Update of Department Contacts and Approvers

Department Record Keeper

The Department Record Keeper will be updated on an annual basis.  The PMO will forward the current department record keeper list to the appropriate administrator (Level 4, cc: Level 3) with a request for update by a specified deadline.

The role and responsibilities of the department record keeper are defined in Property Roles and Responsibilities.

Designated Division Approver(s)

The Designated Division Approver(s) and back-up(s) will be identified on an annual basis.  Individuals designated are a signature authority level 4 or above.   These individuals are authorized to approve all property surveys of inventory items for their respective divisions.

The PMO will forward the current division designee list to the Vice President of the respective Division with a request for update by a specified deadline.  This form requires Level 2 signature authority.  The Vice President of each respective Division will elect to either:

  1. designate specific division approver(s) and back-up approver(s), or
  2. authorize all Level 4 employees as defined in the Delegation of Authority guidelines.

Please contact the Property Management Office at 562 /985-4889 or if you have any questions.