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Electronic Media Sanitization Certification

Per the Information Security Management and Compliance Electronic Media Sanitization process, all electronic data must be properly sanitized prior to release of custody.

Media Sanitization certification by the department IT Coordinator is required by the Property Management Office (PMO) for all media storage devices (i.e., hard drives, workstations, laptops, copiers, printers, faxes) which are surveyed.  The department IT coordinator is to certify and specify the media sanitization process per line item on the PMO Property Survey/Transfer form or the Media Sanitization Certification form as follows:

  • Data has been overwritten.
  • Hard drive has been removed for destruction/degaussing.
  • Not applicable.  No data storage on electronic computing device.

A copy of the media sanitization certificate is to be attached to the item.  The PMO will not accept any such devices without a media sanitization certificate.  For electronic media devices that can not be sanitized, contact Information Security Management & Compliance Office (extension 5-4818).

The PMO will promptly notify the AVP Financial Management and the Information Security Management and Compliance Office of all campus department lost/missing/stolen electronic computing devices and/or electronic media.

Please contact the Property Management Office at 562 /985-4889 or if you have any questions.