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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Receipt & Tagging of Property

All inventory (capital equipment and sensitive items) is tagged by the Property Management Office (PMO).

For inventoried items delivered directly to a campus department, the campus department is to contact the PMO to coordinate tagging of the item. It is not necessary for campus departments to contact the PMO upon the receipt of non-inventoried items, such as a chair, whiteboard or other standard office supplies and furniture. A PMO representative will inspect and tag the inventoried item at the department location. The campus department is to provide acquisition information to the PMO (Purchase Order/Procurement Card/Direct Expense documentation, UR&D Gift Transmittal Form or Transfer Form STD 158) and the planned location of the item.

All inventoried items delivered to the Central Receiving Warehouse will be tagged and recorded in the University Asset Management database prior to being delivered to the campus department. The delivery location will be recorded as the initial location of the item.

Upon the request of a campus department, the PMO will tag and record property that the department has deemed as a sensitive item, but does not meet the criteria of capitalized equipment or sensitive item per the established Property definitions.

Please contact the Property Management Office at 562 /985-4889 or if you have any questions.