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Internship Affiliation Agreements

For academic programs that require an internship as part of the course requirement, the relationship between the University and receiving site is memorialized through an “Affiliation” or “Student Field Placement” agreement. The agreement secures the student’s access to the site and ensures that the site’s personnel will supervise the student and provide a meaningful experience. The agreement also defines the relationship between the University, the site, and the student.

An agreement between the University and the internship site is only necessary for unpaid internships that are for academic credit.

Paid internships, or any other internship that is not for academic credit (i.e., the student desires experience within a certain field or with a specific company), do not require an agreement between the University and the site since the University is not coordinating the internship experience.

Selecting a Site

Academic programs that manage an academic internship are responsible for assessing the site prior to student placement. The academic programs are encouraged to review the following policies in order to receive guidance on site assessment:

Internships located outside of the State of California

In order to minimize risk and comply with the requirements of university insurance programs, internships should take place within the State of California. If a department desires to place a student in an internship located outside of the State of California, then Risk Management approval will be required BEFORE the placement is made. Contract Services will obtain information from the academic program and request a risk evaluation.

Placements at other CSU Campuses

If an academic program arranges an internship at another CSU campus, do not utilize the template agreement. Advise Contract Services of the placement so that we can contact the receiving CSU campus’s contracting department. In some instances, the Office of General Counsel will need to review and approve the agreement, which will be coordinated by Contract Services.

Agreement Process

Contract Services has developed approved templates for contracting with internship sites. Once an academic program determines the site for a student internship, the department will then send the approved template to the internship site for review and approval.

A copy of the signed agreement should be returned to the academic program (scanned and emailed is acceptable). The academic program will then email the agreement to Contract Services for signature and final processing.

Only Procurement & Contractual Services is authorized to sign an Affiliation Agreement or Student Field Placement Agreement. Students should not begin their internships before the agreement is approved and signed by Contract Services.

If an internship site requests modification of the University template, please contact Contract Services to determine if such revisions are possible.

If an internship site requests to use its template Affiliation Agreement, please forward this agreement to Contract Services for review and potential negotiation of terms.

Existing Agreements

After Contract Services signs and processes the new or renewal agreement, a copy will be provided to the academic program.

Current agreements may be viewed at existing agreements (password required)

Contract Services will work with the internship coordinator when an existing agreement needs to be renewed.


The Affiliation Agreement coordinator can be reached at or by calling (562) 985-4558.