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Quick Reference Guide for End Users for ATI Procurement

ALL Electronic and Information Technology (E & IT) products fall into the restricted category and are required to address the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) before being purchased.

Step 1

Go to the CSULB website under Purchasing, click on Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Compliance. Does the product appear on the list?

If the product does not appear on the list submit a requisition to Purchasing for standard processing.

If the product appears on the list go to step 2.

Step 2

End User/Department needs to fill out the CSULB ATI Section 508 Electronic & Information Technology Checklist and submit to Purchasing ATI contacts.

Product(s) are evaluated by Purchasing ATI contacts for impact to the University.

If product is determined to be low impact the checklist will be signed, approved and sent back to the requestor.

If item is under the $10,000.00 threshold purchase product(s) with the procurement credit card. Submit a copy of the approved checklist with monthly procurement card reconciliation report.

If over the $10,000.00 threshold amount submit approved checklist, and quote with requisition to Purchasing for processing.

If product is determined to be high impact a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) will be required.

Step 3

End User/Department to contact vendor for VPAT for product(s)

VPAT Guide and Template is located at the CSU Website: (

If the vendor is not able to submit a VPAT the end user should request assistance by emailing

When the VPAT is received, submit the VPAT with quote and requisition to Purchasing for processing.