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Contractual Services

Delegated Authority

The authority to purchase goods, services or to enter into contracts is delegated by state law to the Board of Trustees of the CSU (Education Code §89036, Public Contract Code §10430(a), 12100.5, and 12120). The Board of Trustees delegated that authority to the Chancellor of the CSU (ICSUAM 5101) who in turn delegated the same authority to the campus Presidents (Executive Order 775 & ICSUAM 5102).

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What is a contract?

The Chancellor’s office defines a contract as “Contracts, agreements, interagency agreements, memorandum’s of agreements, memorandum’s of understandings, partnerships, alliances, collaborative agreements, or any relationships where the CSU is both acquiring goods or services or supplying (or exchanging) supplies goods, services, facilities, expertise, or other CSU assets and resources...” (ICSUAM 1101).

Even agreements where no money is changing hands must be signed by a person with authority if the agreement, binds or obligates the university to perform an act, or causes the university to incur liability for the acts of others. The university may choose to disclaim responsibility for unauthorized contracts or purchases, making the payment or performance obligations the personal responsibility of the person who improperly approved or signed an agreement.

If you are unsure whether a document you were asked to sign is a contract, the safest action is to contact Procurement & Contractual Services.

Contract Review Procedure

If the contract you need reviewed involves an expenditure of money, the document should first be sent to Procurement through an authorized requisition. The assigned buyer will then work with Contractual Services to make the necessary revisions and to obtain signatures.

Types of Contracts

A contract is a written agreement between two or more competent parties requiring that either parties do (or not do) certain acts specific in the agreement. A formal contract is needed for any agreement with a non-CSULB entity.

Contractual Services is responsible for drafting, review and signing of the following types of contracts:


Andrew Calderon
Contract Manager
Procurement & Contractual Services
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Contract Specialist
Procurement & Contractual Services
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