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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Procurement & Contractual Services

Moving and Relocation

Individuals who change their place of residence due to the acceptance of a position with the CSU.

Requisition Required?

Yes, if requested for a moving company.

If a requisition is required, the minimum time for generating a dispatched Purchase Order (PO):

A minimum of 10 working days after Purchasing receives all completed documentation.

Administrative Guidelines Related to this Purchase?

Key Purchasing Requirements and Quote/Bid Thresholds?


Additional Forms or Requirements?

Complete Moving and Relocation Expense Claim Form.

Must be provided for in appointment letter

Risk Management Review Required?


Payments and Approvals

  1. Check or ACH payments are issued for POs and direct payment requests
    Documents required for this type of payment:
    • Staff – Appointment Letter provider to AP by HR
    • Faculty – Control list provided to AP by Faculty Affairs
    • Moving Company Invoice
    • Delegated approval (DOA) using one of the following options
      • Authorized stamp on invoice referencing PO# and Acknowledgement of Service for Moving Company
      • Approved Moving and Relocation Expense Claim Form with supporting receipts as required
      • Electronic approval (via email)

NOTE: Invoices received by Accounts Payable, prior to payment, are routed to the requester or approver to verify receipt of service or items. Reference the Invoice Approval Process for more information.

Additional Notes

Moving and Relocation is primarily a reimbursement program. Only the transportation of household goods may be paid directly by the University and requires a requisition and PO.

The Relocation Assistance site is intended to assist you with finding relocation resources in and around the Long Beach area. Keep in mind this site is not all-inclusive and does not constitute an endorsement of any business or service.

Common GL Account(s) to Use

  • 660042 - Recruitment and Employee Reloc

Refer to your Division/College/Department for additional policies and procedures.