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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Steps to Obtain a Procurement Credit Card

  1. Complete a Procurement Credit Card Request form (PDF) and submit for electronic approval.
  2. Approval must comply with Delegation of Authority guidelines
  3. Complete a Finance Authority Application (FAA) form (PDF) prior to requesting training to obtain access to the CSU ProCard Module within CFS
  4. At minimum, ensure you have selected the ProCard User roleProCard User role
  5. Access to module required to reconcile after purchases
  6. Card will not be issued until Part 2 training is attended or the name of the reconciler is communicated by the approver to the ProCard Administrator
  7. Register for Purchasing Procurement Card Training Part 1 - required for cardholders to obtain an overview of the Procurement Card guideline and cardholder responsibilities.
  8. Reqister for Purchasing Procurement Card Training Part 2 - required to obtain access to reconcile the Procurement Card and learn how to reconcile monthly statements. Completed FAA form is required at least one week prior to attendance or name may be removed from roster.