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Purchasing´s mission is to assist faculty and staff with the acquisition of goods and services of the proper quality, at the right time, in the proper quantity, at an economical price, and from the right source.

Individual offices have been delegated authority to place purchase orders directly with suppliers up to $1,000 and selected offices have been delegated authority up to $10,000.

Direct Contact with Departments

Direct discussions between the supplier's representative and potential users in the departments are encouraged. Product demonstrations can be arranged through coordination with Purchasing and the departments. While Purchasing does not expect the supplier's representative to coordinate visits through the office, we do ask to be kept informed of potential sales that appear imminent. This enables us to approach the purchase as a team so that the user's needs are met, competitive bids are obtained, supplier requirements are considered, and purchasing guidelines are followed. Vendors are cautioned that only Purchasing staff is authorized to issue written or confirming purchase orders. Failure to follow these procedures will result in delayed payments or the return of material to the vendors.

Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises

Current goal for all contracts (3) percent Disabled Veteran Business (DVBE) participation. For a complete set of the DVBE requirements see the section Disabled Veteran Business (DVBE) Enterprise under Forms at:

Governing State Law

By law, all purchases of goods and services shall be governed by the laws of the state of California.


Small Business Preference

Venders who qualify for a small business preference and provide proof of certification by the OSMB may receive an award in preference to a large business provided that:

  • The purchase order is based on competitive bids.
  • The bid of the small business does not exceed that of a large business by more than the percentage currently allowed by State law.
  • Claim for such preference must be made in writing by the supplier at the time the bid is submitted and the supplier must be certified by the Office of Small and Minority Business (OSMB).

Questions regarding small and minority business certification should be addressed to:

The Office of Small Business Certification and Resources
1531 "I" Street, 2nd Floor, C-17
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 323-5478



Metered parking is available on campus on the west side of the Brotman Hall Building. These spaces provide the vendor’s representative with quick access to Purchasing on the third floor of the BH building. Permits are also available through the Parking Kiosk.