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Call Processing and Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR)

A call processing application can be a simple one-touch menu or an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) application with database integration. It offers the capability of performing menuing and announcing static information through recorded announcements to callers. A well-designed menu of this type can often reduce the need for larger numbers of agents to respond to caller inquiries.

If a call processing application is warranted, the department would contract with Blue Violet Networks (CSULB's voice mail vendor) to produce a call processing application on an existing platform. The application can be planned to accommodate the following characteristics:

  • providing callers with routine information requested on a repeating daily basis
  • directing callers to the most appropriate group or individual for assistance
  • scripted greetings for requesting specific information
  • main and secondary mailboxes for messages
  • connection to a live agent at the caller's option
  • fax and IVR capability
  • reconfiguration of extension numbers on digital and analog sets may be required

Standard call processing applications will usually offer 4 to 6 choices at any one time to the caller; however some departments designing larger applications will choose to offer 8 choices during the same announcement.

Requesting Service

A work order is needed along with a diagram of the call processor design. A second work order would be needed for Telecommunications work such as reconfiguring sets and extension numbers. Applications such as this are not recommended for use with toll free (800) numbers due to the potential for misuse.

All existing call processing hardware and any programming performed on existing hardware will always remain on campus, even if a user-department moves off-campus, as will all University telephone numbers (beginning with 985) and telephone equipment.

Examples on Campus

There are approximately 22 call processing applications in operation. Most of them are standard sized, menu applications. In order to get an idea of how differently a menu application can be designed, try calling a few of the numbers listed below.

  • Athletics Ticket Office x54949
  • Bookstore x55092
  • College of Engineering x55121
  • Japanese Gardens x58885
  • Library x58472
  • STARS/SOAR x55515
  • Staff Personnel x55491
  • University Police x55055

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Where to Get Help

In order to get more information regarding menu or IVR applications, please call Telecommunications at extension 54480.