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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

CSULB WiFi Networks

Two wireless networks are available for students, faculty, and staff, and a third network is available for guests. Your particular academic and business needs will determine which network is most suitable.

  • beachnet+ is the primary, secure wireless connection for students, faculty and staff while on campus.
  • eduroam can be used while at CSULB or away if you frequently travel and visit other campuses participating in the eduroam service.
  • beachnet-guest-access is intended for temporary university guests, such as prospective students and their families, vendors, alumni, and other visitors.

beachnet+ Wireless Network

To connect to beachnet+, you must have a valid nine digit Campus ID along with your Beach ID password. You authenticate as you select the wireless network beachnet+ from your device WiFi settings and perform a one-time configuration. Your device should remember the connection thereafter. Instructions are below:

Benefits of beachnet+ (and unlike regular beachnet-guest-access)

  • Data is protected by encryption as it passes from a computing device to a campus wireless access point.
  • Users can expect wireless speeds to be up to 10 times faster than the beachnet-guest-access service.
  • No web browser is required to sign in.
  • Users will not be prompted to enter their Beach ID credentials as often. Most devices connected to beachnet+ will automatically retain necessary credentials without prompting a user to re-enter them, even after periods of inactivity or roaming between locations across campus.


The eduroam wireless network allows traveling CSULB faculty, staff, and students to connect securely to wireless networks, using their campus email address (username) and Beach ID password, at participating colleges and universities located in more than 60 countries around the world.

NOTE: If you travel to other participating eduroam campuses, it is strongly recommended that you configure your device(s) to connect to eduroam at CSULB before traveling to participating universities. This will help ensure your connection will work when you visit other participating campuses. Please refer to this eduroam IT Knowledge Base article for configuring your device(s).

The Guest Network

The “beachnet-guest-access” network is for university guests, such as prospective students and their family, vendors, alumni, event participants, and other visitors requiring temporary WiFi access. Guests can obtain access in one of two ways:

  • For short term Guest Access, use the Self-Registration process to generate a one-day logon pass. Steps include:
    • In device WiFi settings, connect to the “beachnet-guest-access” network.
    • Open a browser, which will then display the campus guest login page.
    • Click on the “Self-register” link in the box on the right. This will lead you through the process.
  • For longer term Guest Access, users will require a college or department sponsor to request either a one day, one week, 30 day, or 90 day logon pass. Sponsors are typically department staff organizing events on campus.

Using beachnet-guest-access Wireless Network

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