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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Using Campus Technology Resources

Technology has become an integral support component in all areas of CSULB. The campus recognizes the importance of technology and its role in the academic mission of the campus as well as its administrative services. The campus policy on Acceptable Use of CSULB Electronic Communications Systems and Services states:

“Electronic communications systems and services are essential to conducting University business. The continued and reliable availability of these systems and services are paramount to California State University, Long Beach’s (University) ability to fulfill its mission of education, research, and public service. To this end, the University uses, supports and provides electronic communications systems and services for telecommunications, mail, education, and research.

The University encourages the use of electronic communications systems and services for lawful purposes and makes them widely available to the university community. Nonetheless, the use of electronic communications resources is limited by restrictions that apply to all University property and by constraints necessary for the reliable operation of electronic communications systems and services. The University reserves the right to deny use of its electronic communications systems and services, when necessary, to satisfy these restrictions and constraints. “ 1

The campus has established policy governing access to and use of CSULB computing resources 2 and supports information security policies, procedures and standards to ensure safe computing. 3 The campus Information Security Management and Compliance mission states:

“California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) recognizes it's affirmative and continuing obligation to protect the confidentiality, maintain the integrity, and ensure the availability of information about and used by CSULB faculty, staff, students and customers and to provide administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect university information assets. The CSULB Information Security and Privacy Program provides the framework and the Information Security Management and Compliance office provides assistance to the University for meeting its responsibilities by:

  • Developing University policies, standards, and procedures regarding the acquisition, transmission, processing, maintenance, safeguarding, release, and disposal of personal and confidential information and other CSULB sensitive data;
  • Developing and providing appropriate training and informational materials; and
  • Assessing and ensuring University compliance with program related laws, regulations, CSU and CSULB policies, standards and procedures.” 4