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Personal WiFi HotSpots

General Information

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What is a Personal WiFi HotSpot?
A Personal WiFi HotSpot is technology built into many smart phones, and some applications for laptops to share a WiFi connection with other devices.
How do Personal WiFi HotSpots affect the campus wireless network?
WiFi is just a group of high frequency radio signals. Radio signals are susceptible to interference. The campus WiFi networks (BeachNet and BeachNet+) are only as good as the radio reception that client devices get. The more radio signals in the air, the more interference there potentially is. ITS would like our user community to refrain from using Personal WiFi HotSpot technology so that the radio signal quality of our existing networks is as high as it can be for the campus community. ITS has the ability to detect, and in some cases, interfere with, Personal WiFi HotSpots if necessary, but it is not automatic.


My device was blacklisted or quarantined due to Personal WiFi HotSpot activity. What can I do?
ITS is currently blocking devices we detect with the following program(s):
  • Connectify (

The reason this program is blocked is because of a feature of the program which also scans the campus network once connected. This feature can be turned off by following the Instructions for Disabling Scans in the CSULB IT Knowledge Base.