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Call Processing Solutions

Solutions for processing and automating the handling of live calls may be accomplished in several different ways such as using ACD, menus, IVR, speech recognition, or fax functionality. Based upon your inquiry regarding a technology-based call processing solution, and your written scope of work, we will conduct research to determine what functionality may be achieved and the costs associated with a potential solution.

Cabling & Equipment Set-Up

If equipment installations are needed to complete a call processing solution, cabling may be required. The cost to meet cabling and equipment requirements for a help desk would be identified in a quote based the scope of work that is sent to Telecommunications. re identified below in addition to the two technology-based options which may be implemented independently of each other, or they may operate in tandem.

Telephone Programming

Installation expenses for help desk may be applicable including Telecommunications programming and configuration of sets, extension numbers, and announcement set-up. As you may be aware, digital telephone sets (DBC661 and DBC213) are required to support ACD. You may also be aware that monthly recurring charges are applied to all telephone sets/equipment provided by Telecommunications, so there may be an increase in the monthly charge for these telephone set types.

Questions to consider

  • What is the primary objective?
  • Will the application provide information, receive information, or will it simply route to live assistance?
  • Is agent intervention necessary?
  • Is queuing to agent necessary?
  • How many agents will be available?
  • Will there ever be a time when no agent is available during business hours?
  • Are call-handling statistics/reports desired?
  • Is automated fax-handling desired?
  • Would IVR be advantageous for automation of handling specific pieces of information?

For more information, contact the Telecommunications Office.