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Step C: Encryption Procedures

Instructions For Enabling Whole Disk Encryption

Step 1: Open PGP Desktop by clicking on the PGPTray icon and selecting "Open PGP Desktop", or by going to Start Menu › Programs › PGP and selecting PGP Desktop.


Step 2: Select the "Encrypt Whole Disk" icon under the PGP Disk tab.


Step 3: Choose the Fixed Disk you wish to encrypt, then enter your passphrase, confirm your passphrase and click Start.

  • Highlight the Fixed Disk to encrypt
  • Select Show Keystrokes
  • Enter your passphrase, and confirm your passphrase
  • Click Start

Step 4: Read the Whole Disk Encryption process details and click OK to proceed. Please note that this process will take up to 10 hours to complete. During this time you may work on other applications. It is best not to shut down or interrupt this process in any way.

Step 5: When the encryption process is complete, restart your computer. Before you see the login screen you will be prompted to enter your passphrase in order to access the files on your computer. The window you will see is displayed below.

Type in your passphrase and press Enter on your keyboard.

*If you have any questions after going through these procedures, please contact Network Services Desktop Support at ext. 58344.