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Telecommunications Terms of Service

In order to protect the University and its departments from unauthorized charges, this policy was developed to help ensure that all telephone users understand how to prevent unexpected bills from Telecommunications.

All campus employees are responsible for charges incurred for any and all calls made from their extension, to their extension, billed to their extension, or charges incurred as the result of actions conducted by anyone using their extension. Telecommunications does not reassign charges to another extension or department.

Collect and Third-Number-Billed Call Charges

Accepting collect calls, or calls billed to a University number, is not permissible. If a collect call is accepted or a third number is called and billed to the University, a special handling fee may be added to the cost of each call.

Calling Card and Telephone Credit Card Call Charges

Calling cards ordered directly from a carrier and billed to telephone numbers associated with the University are not permissible. A special handling fee may be added to the cost of each call made with a calling card provided directly by a carrier and using a University number. Additionally, the calling card will be cancelled.

Special Offer and Internet Charges

Please do not request or accept any offers for prizes or services that may assess your campus telephone number with charges by Verizon, AT&T, various websites, or any other vendor. These types of offers are often available over the telephone or on the internet, and create additional, unnecessary workload to the Telecommunications staff to research and remove charges from the campus bill. Any charges such as these are usually forwarded to the department incurring the charge, and are subject to an administrative handling fee. If a website form or other vendor requires a telephone number, it is best to use a personal mobile number or home number.

Telecommunications Charges

A monthly statement of telecommunications charges is sent to all divisions for review of charges. The same information is available through CSLink for all ASMs to view and print if they wish to do so. In most cases, the division offices will disseminate the paper bills (statements) to the departments that generate the charges. If additional copies are needed, this should be coordinated between the division, college/area, and department offices. Requests for reprints are subject to being processed through the Telecommunications work order system at the requesting department's expense. It is suggested that departmental staff members and ASMs review their telecommunications charges every month and submit an email inquiry if any charges are out of date or appear to be erroneous. Credit is evaluated and issued on a case by case basis for the current fiscal year. Unless there are extreme circumstances, previous years' claims for credit cannot be honored if the year has been closed.

Personal Reimbursements

In accordance with the State Administrative Manual, it is the policy of the University to collect reimbursement for personal telephone calls from all employees and any other telephone users. All personal calls are to be reimbursed in whatever way requested by departmental ASMs as some may require monthly reimbursements, while others may require it quarterly. Some ASMs may accept cash, while others may only accept a personal check, so please confer with your ASM to determine the appropriate procedure.

Billing Questions?

If you have questions about billing related to your campus extension, call the Telecommunications Office at (562) 985-4480.