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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Voice Mail for Employees

A voice mailbox number is the same as your five-digit extension number. The default security code can be obtained from the campus operator at (562) 985-4111 or x54111 or 0 if you are on-campus. You will be prompted to change it when you first access your mailbox.

When you are given an extension number already associated with a voice mailbox, you can call the campus operator and request a “voice mailbox refresh” to delete anything left in the mailbox from the previous user. Be sure to ask the campus operator for the default security code!

When you get a new voice mailbox, it will take you through a tutorial to create your personal greeting, and your spoken name which becomes a label just like you might have on a physical mailbox. Callers will hear your personal greeting when they are forwarded to voice mail after approximately four rings.

You will know you have a message when you pick up the handset and hear a stuttered dial tone. The stuttered dial tone does not affect your service; it is only a signal that a message has been left in your voice mailbox.

Digital telephone usere, and some analog telephone users, users will usually see a message waiting flashing on one of the preprogrammed buttons in addition to hearing the stuttered dial tone.

If you submit a work order for a new phone for which you want voice mail activated, be sure to put a check mark in front of the voice mailbox option. For information regarding voice mail features, see Voice Mail Instructions.