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Frequently Asked Questions

Voice Mail

How do I reset my security code?

If you have forgotten your security code and need to have it reset. Call the campus operator by dialing 0 and request a reset.

My voice mail is not picking up and I am not receiving message.

If you are a voice mail user your phone should be setup to ring three to four times before voice mail will pick up to receive a message. If your phone rings and rings and voice mail has not picked up, the voice mail system may be busy or you may need to configure your call diversion for your phone. For assistance, contact Telecommunications at extension 54480.

How do I change my greeting?

Visit our Voice Mail Instructions page.

When I create a distribution list with several mailboxes, sometimes I do not hear a name to verify I have entered the correct extension. How do I know if it was added to my list?

Many users do not record a name in their mailboxes. This creates a problem when setting up a distribution list. To verify if the mailboxes were added contact the Telecommunications Department at extension 54480.

How do I properly erase my messages without having them return to my mailbox?

There are two ways to erase your messages.

  1. After listening to a message press 3, then press 5 to continue on to next message. By pressing 3 this insures that the message will be erased if you do not exit properly.
  2. After listening to a message wait for prompt "The message will be erased" then press 5 to continue on to next message. When using this procedure you are not insured that the messages will be erased unless you exit properly by pressing 9,9.


If I have a digital phone and need to use my calling card or access a pager, how do I get tone?
  1. To use a calling card you must contact the Sprint operator by dialing 9 + 0. Let her know that you want to place a call on a calling card and she will assist you.

  2. To access a paging system, dial the outside number. When system answers press 9 on the keypad or the ETE key on your designation strip. Tone will display. Enter call back number. You will hear a fast busy, hang up.

When I am on a call on my digital set, and a second call rings on "Access 2", how do I get the second call to go to voice mail?
  1. If you use a digital telephone set (with an LCD display), and a second call begins ringing, simply press the "Call Divert" button, and the call will be immediately routed to voice mail or whatever has been programmed as your answer point.

  2. If you use an analog (single line set), lift the handset when you are not on a call and press *22# for "divert on busy". This will allow the second call to go directly to voice mail. You will not see or hear the call come in. Read more about call divert and how Free on Access 2 may change your diversion status.

If I have a problem with my phone, where do I report it?

Contact the campus operators by dialing 0.