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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Fax Mail Instructions

After requesting the personal fax option from the campus operator, please allow 24 hours (Monday through Thursday) for the programming to be conducted. After the feature has been initiated, you can set up the fax machine that you use the most as your designated “personal” fax machine. Use the following instructions to set up the personal fax option with the 5-digit extension number of your departmental fax machine.

Setting Your Personal Fax Number

  • Access voice mail (see instructions for accessing voice mail).
  • From the “Ready” prompt, access custom options: Press 16
  • Select fax options: Press 9
  • Select a personal fax number: Press 1
  • Enter the 5-digit extension of the fax you use.
  • To accept the fax machine extension: Press #
  • To exit Voice Mail: Press 99

After listening to messages and finding that one or more are fax messages, as stated by the system, use the following instructions to print all faxes in your mailbox. It is suggested that the fax message is not deleted until the fax has been printed. Fax messages can be deleted in the same manner as voice mail messages, by pressing “3” after the message is announced during message listening.

Print All Fax Messages

  • Access voice mail (see instructions for accessing voice mail).
  • Listen to messages: Press 5
  • Select all fax messages: Press 197
  • Send to fax for printing: Press 3
  • To exit Voice Mail: Press 99