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Multi-line (Digital) Telephone Instructions

Sets have a display screen

Important: This phone is not interchangeable with single-line (analog) telephones. Damage to the telephone may result if plugged into an analog jack.

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Digital Set Functions

Function Keys

May be used to activate or cancel features. If function keys have been pre-programmed to represent features or line appearances, they can only be changed by reprogramming within the system by the Telecommunications Department.

Last Number Redial

If you wish to redial the last external number

  • Press * * *
Receive Internal Calls on Access 2
  • Your phone must have a "Free on Access 2" key and the lamp for this key must be lit


External trunk calls will always come through on Access 2 unless you program a diversion on busy in advance of the second inbound call (you must have a pre-programmed answering point to do this)

Automatic Callback (Internal only)

After hearing a busy signal or getting no answer on a campus extension

  • Press the "Callback" key OR 6
  • Listen for confirmation tone (three beeps)
  • Hang up

When a busy extension placed on callback becomes available, your phone will ring with eight seconds of fast ringing

  • Lift handset before ringing has stopped

To cancel a callback

  • Press #6#
Exclusive Hold

With party on the line

  • Press line key that received call

To retrieve call

  • Press same line key
Common Hold

With party on the line

  • Press "Common Hold" key OR 8

To retrieve call

  • Press line holding call

To retrieve from another phone that does not show the same extension

  • Dial extension where call was placed on common hold
  • Listen for busy tone
  • Press 8 to connect
Call Transfer

With party on line

  • Press any free access key, access 1, 2, or 3
  • Dial second party
  • Press "T" OR "Transfer" key
  • Hang up
Call Pickup

To answer a ringing extension within your pre-programmed pick-up group

  • Press 77

For directed call pick-up (to answer any ringing extension not within the pickup group)

  • Dial the ringing extension number
  • Listen for busy tone
  • Press 8 to connect

With first party on line

  • Press any free access key, access 1, 2, or 3
  • Dial next party (begin with 9 for outside access if calling off-campus)
  • After party answers, press 3
  • Listen for conference tone (one long beep) all parties are connected

Note:Repeat these steps to connect up to eight parties. A maximum of three may be external numbers.

Call Diversion

Sends your calls to a preprogrammed answer point

Divert Type Activate Deactivate
All Calls Press Divert Key Press Divert Key
Busy *22# #22#
No Answer *21# #21#
Send Additional Digits (ETE)

To place calls for pager access, calling cards, or any type of computerized network requiring extra digits

  • Dial number to access system
  • Press "ETE" key OR 9 when system answers ("tone sender on" appears in display)
  • Proceed with dialing required digits

Directs all calls to any extension

  • Lift handset
  • Press *2* + the 5-digit extension number you want your calls diverted to + #
  • Listen for confirmation tone (three beeps)
  • Hang up

To cancel

  • Lift handset
  • Press #2#
Individual Abbreviated Dialing

To program numbers (access to this feature must be preprogrammed by the Telecommunications Department)

  • Press *51* + one digit (0-9) to represent the dialed number + * + number (begin with 9 for outside access if calling off-campus) + #

To dial abbreviated numbers

  • Press ** plus the digit (0-9) you programmed to represent the number to be dialed

To cancel a single abbreviated number

  • Press #51* + the digit (0-9) that represents the number to be canceled + #

To cancel all abbreviated numbers

  • Press #51#
Programming Function Keys

To store frequently called numbers (internal and external)

  • Press "Program" key + vacant function key (lights go on)
  • Enter number to be stored
  • Press function key, press "Program" key (lights go off)

To access

  • Press function key where number is stored
  • Call is automatically dialed
Ringing Options
  • Press "Program" key (light goes on)
  • Press line key being programmed (light goes on)
  • Enter one digit for desired ring
    0 - Silent (flashes only)
    1 - Normal ring
    2 - Rings after delay
    3 - Two rings (continues to flash)
    4 - Two rings after delay (continues to flash)
  • Press line key (light goes off)
  • Press program key (light goes off)

Feature Options

Some features must be programmed on certain keys of a digital set while others can be accessed by pressing a single digit instead of using spare keys.

Programmable Keys/Features

Some digital sets have "soft keys" which change in functionality as you navigate through the menus. These do not need to be programmed nor can they be changed.

Call Divert (CAD) Key
sends calls to pre-programmed answer point.
Free on Access 2 (ODN2) Key
allows an on-campus call to ring on the Access2 button when Access1 is in use. (Note: off-campus calls are automatically directed to the access 2 button without this feature button present or active.)
Multi-Directory Number (MDN) Key
allows appearance of other digital extension (explain request under additional instructions).
Add'l Directory Number (ADN) Key
used for private extension and intercoms (explain request under additional instructions).
Voice Mail (VMS) Message Waiting Key
message waiting indicator. (For additional information see the campus directory).

Feature Descriptions

ODN (Own Directory Number)
An ODN is simply your extension number. On a digital phone, it pertains to Access buttons 1 and 2.
Call Diversion
A pre-programmed answering point such as voice mail, or a department secretary's extension number.
Pick-up Group
Access a ringing extension by pressing 77. List at least one extension number in the group on a work order when requesting a new Pick-up Group member.
Hunt Group
A main number that routes a call to one of several lines, or members, that can be answered at any telephone where all lines of the group appear. Anyone having the hunt group members on their telephone can answer these calls.
Call Waiting
On a digital set the call will ring in on the Access2 button. Call waiting is automatically assigned unless requested otherwise.