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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Telephone Instructions for Campus Residents

See your RA or call the RA office for additional assistance.

Automatic Callback (Internal only)

After Hearing a busy signal or getting no answer on a campus extension

  • Press 6
  • Listen for confirmation tone (three beeps)
  • Hang up

When a busy extension placed on callback becomes available, your phone will ring with eight seconds of fast ringing

  • Lift handset before ringing has stopped To cancel a callback

To cancel a callback

  • Press 6
Call Waiting

To answer call waiting (after hearing tone)

  • Hang up first call, second call rings through
  • Or

  • Press "2" to hold first call and connect to second call

To send call waiting tone to a busy campus extension

  • Press "5"
  • Listen for busy tone to change to a ringing tone
  • Wait for party to answer
  • If busy tone continues after pressing "5"
  • Hang up, call waiting signal was not accepted

With first party on line

  • Press "R" button or "Flash" button
  • Listen for recall dial tone (three beeps and dial tone)
  • Dial next party (begin with "9" for outside access if calling off-campus)
  • After party answers, press "3"
  • Listen for conference tone (one long beep) all parties are connected

Note: Repeat these steps to connect up to eight parties. A maximum of six may be external numbers.