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Work Order Instructions

Section One: Contact Information

The following information should be helpful in filling out the top left portion of the work order

Section 1

Enter the name of the person within your department that Telecommunications should contact if there are any questions regarding the work being requested.
Contact Extension:
Enter the contact's 5-digit campus extension number, or the full 10-digit off-campus number if the contact is working at an off-campus office.
Contact Email Address:
If you would like email notification that your work order has been received and assigned a number, enter your email address in the space provided.
Enter the department name in which the request is being initiated.
Internal Req#:
This is an optional field for your convenience, or for use by your ASM.
Bill Work Order Charges to Extension:
Enter the 5-digit extension number is to be billed for the work performed.
Bill Monthly Service to Account:
Enter the 6-digit FAS account number to use for monthly billing of recurring charges. This field is required in the case of a new installation, and it should not be used to change the billing of an existing service. Changing the billing on existing services should be described on the lines for additional information.
Date Ordered:
Enter the date you send the work order to your ASM for authorization.
Date Needed:
Enter the date needed if the work should not be performed earlier. Enter ASAP if you would like the work performed as soon as a technician is available.
ASM Authorization and Date
All work orders must be signed and dated by your ASM or fiscal officer.
Division Authorization and Date
This is an optional authorization at this time.
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