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Work Order Instructions

Section 4: Additional Information

Section 4

Additional Lines (for digital sets)

Digital telephone sets are capable of accommodating additional lines such as an MDN allowing a support staff person to have access to their supervisor's line on their own telephone. If a user supports a secondary function within the office, an ADN can be programmed to be the number for the special program, or a main line for the department. These requests should be described on the lines for additional information.

On the back of the work order form, you will see the following summary:

  • Multiple Directory Number (MDN) - allows appearance of other digital extensions (explain request under additional instructions).

  • Additional Directory Number (ADN) - used for private extension and intercoms (explain request under additional instructions).

The lines for additional information should be used to describe any special requests or circumstances of an installation or move. If a change in billing account numbers is needed, these extra lines can also be used to describe what is needed.