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Key Issue

Key Issue provides keys for all campus buildings except the University Student Union, Foundation facilities, and Student Housing. Currently there is an inventory of over 100,000 keys that correspond to approximately 40,000 locks on campus. Key Issue is part of the Facilities Management Department located in the Facilities Management / Environmental Health and Safety building on the east side of campus at 1331 Palo Verde. Operating hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Any questions concerning keys, contact Key Issue via email or at extension 5-8246.


  1. GENERAL PROVISION: Unauthorized fabrication, duplication, possession, or use of keys to facilities of CSULB is a crime (California Penal Code 469). University keys are State property and may be recovered at any time.

    California Penal Code 469 "…any person who knowingly makes, duplicates, causes to be duplicated, or uses, or attempts to make, duplicate, cause to be duplicated, or use, or has in his possession any key to a building or other area owned, operated, or controlled by the State of California, any state agency, board, or commission, a country, city, or a public school or community college district without authorization from the person in charge of such building or area or his designated representative and with knowledge of the lack of such authorization is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) or by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than one year, or both such fine and imprisonment."

  2. DESIGN: Design and maintenance of the keying system is the responsibility of solely the Lock Shop within Facilities Management. The key system has been designed to provide as much security as possible while still maintaining a reasonable convenience to the campus community.
  3. FABRICATION: The Lock Shop within Facilities Management fabricates all keys and performs all lock changes for campus facilities. Records of keys to campus facilities, including the names of individuals to whom keys are issued, dates of issue/return/loss will be maintained by Key Issue. University keys will not be duplicated, except by the Lock Shop within Facilities Management.
  4. RESPONSIBILITY — ISSUANCE: Every department on campus has a Key Coordinator.  The Key Coordinator has information on which key (hook number) will fit the lock needed to access. This information is confidential and should be handled appropriately. Access to buildings is essential to the smooth operation of the University. However, this need must be balanced by an equally critical concern for the security and integrity of the facilities and their contents. It is the policy of the University to issue keys for its facilities based on rationale of need and not solely as a matter of convenience, and should be viewed as a privilege and not a requirement. All persons issued University keys shall, at all times, be held responsible and accountable for said keys. Loaning and lending of keys is prohibited.  Key Coordinators with the approval of the Authorized Signature administrators may request and delegate the issuance of keys only as necessary.  Only one key per lock is issued to an individual. Under limited circumstances, justification for multiple keys will be considered by the Director of Facilities Management and/or Associate Vice President of Physical Planning/Facilities Management.
  5. KEY COORDINATOR: The Key Coordinator is usually appointed by the Administrative Services Manager (ASM).  The Key Coordinator is the liaison between the department and Facilities Management’s Key Issue.  They serve as the department’s "go to" person, ensuring all requirements for key issuance are met prior to reaching the Key Issue window and that the key issue process for the requestor is seamless.
  6. SIGNATURE AUTHORITY for Key Issuance: The ASM or the Dean of the department or division will indicate on the Signature Authority for Key Issuance card, who can authorize the issuance of key(s).  If a signature stamp is used, it must be on file in Key Issue.  It is the responsibility of each department to notify Facilities Management Key Issue of any changes in signature authority.  Keys will not be issued until a new signature card is on file.  Signature Authority for Key Issuance cards are available at Key Issue upon request.  Departments will be held responsible and charged for keys not returned, in addition to costs associated with any rekeying that may be necessary.
  7. LOST KEYS: Individuals possessing keys to campus facilities are responsible for such keys.  If keys are lost, stolen, or misplaced, Individual is required to pay the fine(s) per current fee schedule. Key Issue must initiate payment paperwork to ensure accurate documentation. For security purposes, a report must be filed with University Police and assigned a log/case number. This number must be reported to Key Issue for reference. California Penal Code 469 will be enforced if deemed necessary upon further investigation.


      Lost keys should be reported immediately to Key Issue in Facilities Management as well as the Department originally authorizing the keys and University Police. Complete the Lost / Stolen Key (s) payment form located in Key Issue.

      Lost Key charges are as follows:
      • Master Key: $100.00 each
      • Building Master: $50.00 each
      • Submaster Key: $25.00 each
      • Change or Operating Keys: $10.00 each
    • Special Keys like University Master and other high security  keys - cost varies depending on key. Contact Facilities for more information on fines for these keys.
    • Lost Key charges will be refunded if keys are found turned in to Key Issue within 30 days of loss. If the lock must be changed for security reasons, actual costs of re-keying may be charged to the department originally authorizing the keys and/or the individual to whom the keys were issued.
    • REPLACEMENT KEYS: Replacement keys will be issued when:
      1. fees are paid
      2. validated payment form and
      3. a new Key Issue card approved by the authorizing department is received.
  8. CONTRACTOR ACCESS: Keys needed by contractors or other non-university users must be authorized by Planning or Facilities Management.  Planning will identify buildings and room access requirements for project contractors and notify the Lock Shop on an Operational Drawing indicating the rooms and doors affected by the project, when a project opens.  The Lock Shop will determine the correct keys to be issued for the doors based on the Operational Drawing(s).  Planning will provide the Lock Shop with 48-72 hours notice for the required keys when contractors require access to facilities provided appropriate receipt and deposit has been made.  Planning will ensure that the Key Deposit Form provided to the Lock Shop is complete and includes the project title, project number, anticipated project completion date, work order number, contractor’s name, project manager’s name, contractor’s address, and telephone number.  All Key Issue forms will be given to the contractor at the pre-con meeting.

    All contractor key holders will be responsible for paying a deposit through the Cashier’s Office for the keys they are issued.  Keys are subject to a $50 deposit per change key or $100 deposit per submaster, building master, and special key(s) issued.  The supervisor of the Lock Shop will identify the level of deposit based on access needs.  The Lock Shop will submit the keys requested and the key issue card(s) to Key Issue.  Key Issue will be issuing all keys, then notify the Lock Shop that they can pick up, seal the key ring and return it to Key Issue, in preparation for pickup by the contractor. The key issue card(s) must be signed by the Director of Facilities Management and the supervisor of the Lock Shop if building masters, submasters, or special keys are requested.  In the absence of the Lock Shop Supervisor, the Director of Facilities Management’s signature alone will be accepted.  The Lock Shop will provide to the Project Manager the completed Key Deposit Form.  The Project Manager will notify the contractor of key deposit requirements and provide them with the Key Deposit Form.  The contractor will take the Key Deposit Form to the Cashier’s Office for payment and is requested to make an appointment with Key Issue at 562-985-8246 before returning to Key Issue with the original Cashier’s deposit receipt in order to pick up the assigned keys.  Refunds will be processed provided the contractor returns ALL keys at the conclusion of the project.  Deposits will not be refunded for partial return of keys.  There will be no trading of keys in lieu of a new deposit. The contractor is requested to make an appointment with Key Issue at 562-985-8246 before returning to the Key Issue window to return the key set(s).

    Construction Management (Inspector) will notify Facilities Management when a project has been completed.

    Key Issue will forward to Planning the original Cashier’s receipt and a copy of the Key Issue card indicating keys that have been returned.  Construction Management (Inspector) will close the project work order (indicating that all keys have been returned); file the Notice of Completion (NOC).

    Planning will prepare the check request authorization to refund the contractor’s key deposit.  This process shall include indicating in the remarks section of the check request the project number associated with the deposit refund, attaching the original Cashier’s receipt to avoid duplicate payments, obtaining the Director of Facilities Management signature authorization, providing a signed copy to Facilities Management, and maintaining a copy and file of all check authorizations processed and forwarding the approved check request authorization the Division ASM for approval and submittal to Accounts Payable.  The ASM also provides a final signed copy of the check request authorization to Facilities Management for reconciliation.  The contractor will receive their refund check from the University in the mail.  If the contractor is unable to return all keys issued, pursuant to contract language, the deposit shall be forfeited to the university and the contractor will be responsible for the cost to re-key all locks on campus that may be accessed by the keys not returned.  Construction Management (Inspector) or Key Issue will notify Planning (Project Manager), and Facilities Management of contractors who are unable to return any or all keys.  In the event keys are lost or not returned, Facilities Management will implement procedures outlined in the "Lost Keys" addendum in the Keys for Contractors Procedures handbook maintained in Key Issue.

    All costs of key recovery or re-keying related to unreturned keys will be the responsibility of the firm to which the keys were issued, and final payment will not be made until keys are cleared.

  9. KEY AND BUILDING SECURITY: The individual to whom keys are issued is personally responsible for the use of said keys until returned to Key Issue. Individuals must personally sign for their keys and shall not transfer or loan their keys to another individual. Key holders shall not "prop" doors or leave them unlocked during hours when the facility is normally closed. Key holders shall not unlock buildings or rooms for others unless the individual has a valid, verifiable reason and proper identification for access, or is known by the employee to have legitimate need for access to the room or building. Students are issued keys for a semester at a time only. Student records and registration may be held pending clearance of keys at the end of each semester. Employees may be issued keys for the duration of employment.
  10. RED TAG KEYS: Keys are "red tagged" at the department’s request to control access to a particular room.  These keys may require one or more approving signatures.  Key Coordinators have this information or call Key Issue at x58246.
  11. RETURNING KEYS: All persons issued University keys shall at all times, be held responsible and accountable for said keys.  When leaving a department to go to another department within the university, it is the individual’s and department’s responsibility to have the individual return the department’s keys to Key Issue.  If an individual is permanently leaving the campus, all keys must be returned to Key Issue prior to their last day of service.
  12. CLEARANCE CERTIFICATES: Separating faculty or staff must return all keys and/or pay fines for lost keys before clearance certificate will be signed.  Departments waiving the clearance certificate procedure will be held responsible for keys not returned along with any associated costs with rekeying. Departments will be held liable for keys not returned by auxiliary staff, volunteer faculty/staff and coaches.



    Complete Request for Key Issue card

    • Faculty / Staff CSULB ID number, name, phone extension, department
    • Authorizing signatures & Red Tag is applicable
    • Hook Number
    • Building and Room number

    A new Request for Key Issue card will be required if a mistake has been made.  Altered key cards will not be accepted. (No white-out or crossed out corrections)  Line out any unused lines, on the Key Issue Card where the hook number would normally go.

    Staff must have their CSULB identification card at the time of issuance.

    Request for Key Issue cards must be completely filled out by the Key Coordinator or the appropriate administrator prior to the requestor arriving at the Key Issue window.


    The Key Issue procedure for Student is the same as Faculty & Staff; however the student must include a copy of their current class schedule.

    Student keys are required to be returned or renewed on a semester to semester basis. Failure to return or renew keys will result in a fine for each key per current fee schedule. A "hold" will be placed on student records; e.i. transcripts, diplomas, etc. until keys are returned or the appropriate fine paid. Fines may be deducted from grants, financial aid and/or delay the issuance of your student pay warrant.


    The Key Issue procedure for part-time faculty, staff & volunteers is the same as Faculty & Staff, however keys are required to be returned or renewed on a specified date. Failure to return or renew keys will result in a fine for each key per current fee schedule. Key Issue will not process the Clearance Certificate/ Waiver until keys are either; returned, renewed or the appropriate fine paid.


"Will Call" is a service Key Issue provides at the beginning of the semester to alleviate long waits at the Key Window.  Keys are ready and waiting at the designated Key "Will Call" Window following a 24 hour processing period.

Steps to Will Call: Complete Request for Key Issue card. The Key issue card must indicate "WILL CALL" on top of the completed Request for Key Issue card.  FAX completed card to Key Issue (x58723).  Incomplete Request for Key Issue cards may result in a delay in the processing. Key Issue shall attempt to contact the requestor for missing information.