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CSULB Security Key Box Policy/Electronic Lock Access

updated 6/22/2012

University personnel, students and licensed contractors have a need to access workspaces appropriate to their position, work or project area of responsibility. As such, they will have access to a key or keys and/or electronic combination locks that allow access to those spaces. It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain those keys and/or codes in a manner that does not compromise security of the facilities. Common sense must be used to make sure this happens. Do not leave keys sitting on machines, hanging in door locks, in vehicle ignitions or left in other building areas unattended. Do not write down pin numbers for the key boxes or locks where others could access that information. There are typically many people moving through the campus buildings and unattended keys are a risk. If a key or key ring is lost, or you think someone other than you knows your pin number report it immediately to your Supervisor, Manager, Project Manager or Facilities Coordinator who in turn will report it to the CSULB Lock Shop and University Police. Codes can be changed if needed. If the key(s) cannot be found, the individual who last checked the key out may be responsible for lost keys fines and/or the cost of rekeying the facility or facilities impacted by the lost keys to regain security. Or the department or contractor will assume responsibility for the cost of rekeying or recoding the lock(s). Circumstances of the incident will be evaluated to determine who is responsible for the cost. All key holders are required to return all assigned keys daily to the Key Boxes.

To safeguard these keys, we employ several “Security Key Boxes” located throughout campus to which the following rules apply–

  1. To give an individual access to the Key Tag(s) within a Security Key Box, and/or an electronic lock the appropriate Supervisor, Manager, Facilities or Project Manager must send an e-mail request or work request to Key Issue. The request should contain:
    1. Individual’s full name and contact information (email address and phone included)
    2. Status (Student, Staff, Faculty, Volunteer, Contractor)
    3. Department or company requesting access
    4. Contact name and extension of requestor
    5. CSULB University ID number or Contract Number if applicable.
    6. Tag set # and/or Time Zone (if known)
    7. Building and room number(s) or lock number(s)of the areas needed for access.
    8. The expected date of project end or other ending date for key access.
  2. When you sign the responsibility agreement below, you will receive a 6 digit pin number and instructions on how to remove Key Tag(s) and lock it back into the box properly and/or enter it into an electronic lock. All pin numbers are assigned to an individual. Do not give your pin number to anyone else!
  3. If you are a contractor or contract employee, a key deposit of $100 for each key is required on all keys on Key Tags before access is granted. In addition you will sign for all keys on a Key Issue Card.
  4. ALL key tags removed from the Boxes must be returned the end of the Shift/day and should never be removed from campus grounds. Other University employees or students may need the tag for access. No exceptions! Late keys will be indicated by an alarm entry in the audit log which will be reviewed daily. Individuals will also receive a notification via email which will also be forwarded to their immediate supervisor/ project manager. Late returns or loss of keys by an individual may result in temporary or permanent removal of their access to the Key Tags. Other disciplinary action may be taken as appropriate.
  5. All Key Tag sets are welded together so the keys cannot be removed from the rings. Report all broken or bent keys to the CSULB Lock Shop.
  6. All Security Key Boxes and campus electronic locks are subject to frequent audits by the CSULB Lock Shop. Any irregularities will be reported to the appropriate Manager or Director for their information and appropriate action.
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CSULB Security Key Box Policy/Electronic Lock Access Form