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Citations - Frequently Asked Questions

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Has my citation payment been posted?
Online payments post within minutes, as do cash payments made at the Cashierís Office. Payments made through the mail may take up to 5 business days to post.
Can I pay my citation over the phone?
No. Payments can be made online, by mail, or in person at the Cashierís Office.
Can I get an extension on my citation?
No. Extensions are not available on citations.
I lost my Notice of Delinquency, when is my due date on the citation?
In the event of lost Notice of Delinquency, please call the Parking Office at (562) 985-8733 in order to receive this information.
How much is my citation?
The amount due for a citation is printed on the front of the citation. If the citation is not paid within 21 calendar days from its issuance, you may be subject to additional fees.
Why did I get the citation?
Please review the Parking website for all rules and regulations pertaining to the parking of vehicles on the CSULB campus.
I appealed my citation and have not heard back, what is the status?
Appeals take 7-10 business days to review and process.
I tried to appeal my citation online, but I received an error stating that my citation did not match the license plate number. What do I do?
If you try to appeal a citation the same day that you receive it, this message will appear. All citations take between 24-48 hours from their issuance date to be uploaded into our system.
I received a Notice of Delinquency in the mail but I have never been to CSULB and the vehicle cited is not my car, how do I correct the issue?
If you received a Notice of Delinquency in the mail and the vehicle cited is not your vehicle, please contact the Parking Office at 562.985.8733 and we will provide instructions on correcting the issue.
What types of documents should I upload with my appeal?
Photos showing where/how your vehicle was parked, copies of your parking permit, copy of your DMV issued disabled placard, and any other document(s) which you feel will assist you in your appeal.
I would like to schedule an administrative hearing.
To schedule an administrative hearing please call the Parking Office at (562) 985-8733.
If I want to appeal multiple citations, do I have to submit multiple citation appeals or just one?
Only 1 citation can be appealed per appeal filed. If you wish to appeal multiple citations you will have to file a separate appeal for each citation.
I am unable to upload my citation appeal evidence; can I email it to you?
If for any reason you are unable to upload supporting evidence documents with your appeal online, please email the documents to
I double paid for my citation (at DMV and at the University), I need a refund.
Refunds will take 6-8 weeks to process.
I paid my citation at the University, yet it is still on DMV hold, what do I do?
Please bring to the Parking Office a copy of your DMV Registration Renewal form showing which citations are still on hold and we will provide you with an abstract form.
Why was I assessed a late fee on my citation?
Late fees are assessed on citations when they are not paid in full by the Notice of Delinquency due date.
I cannot open my appeal outcome letter sent to me via email. What do I do?
Please contact the Parking Office at (562) 985-8733 and we will resend your appeal outcome letter.