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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Emeritus Parking

The following procedures have been implemented in the effort to address severe parking problems facing faculty and staff, especially Monday through Thursdays, during academic semesters. Emeriti faculty and staff understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Per Academic Senate Policy and CSULB Administrative Guidelines, CSULB Emeritus faculty and staff who do not receive compensation from the university are eligible for free employee parking on the CSULB campus. The procedures for exercising this privilege are as follows:

  • A permit from the Visitor Information Center (VIC) will be issued each day for each Emeritus visitor to campus. An emeritus identification card is required for proof of status.
  • If an Emeritus member’s visits to campus are frequent, an alternative to visiting the VIC at each visit is to request an Emeritus Semester Parking pass. This pass can be obtained from the VIC before the beginning of each semester. An emeritus identification card is required for proof of status. At that time, an individual’s non-payroll status will be confirmed.
  • If an Emeritus member is working for pay on campus in any capacity (e.g., FERP, retired annuitant, consultant, etc.) an employee/vendor permit must be purchased at Cashiering.
  • An Emeritus member is authorized to park in all designated employee and general parking spaces but not in any metered or Pay by Space locations.
  • If an Emeritus member wishes to access a restricted lot (i.e., gated), a gate code for that lot will be issued at the VIC when obtaining the daily permit or when a semester pass is issued. Please be sure to let the VIC staff member know the specific parking lot you wish to park in so that the correct code can be provided.
  • If an Emeritus member does not have a semester pass and visits campus in the evenings or on weekends when the VIC is closed, the Emeritus identification card must be placed on the passenger side of the dashboard. If the identification card is not displayed, or if it is displayed when the VIC is open and a daily permit has not been obtained, a citation may be issued.
  • If the purpose of an Emeritus member’s visit is to serve as a volunteer, another alternative is to use the University volunteer process. The volunteer process supersedes the Emeritus policy as it relates to parking and the volunteer policy will then be followed. The Emeritus volunteer will be issued a volunteer parking permit at no charge for the exact number of days on which volunteer service is provided. Once a volunteer permit has been obtained, it will not be necessary to stop each day at the VIC.
  • VIC hours of operation: Monday-Friday 7:00am – 5:00pm; Saturday and Sunday 9:00am – 2:00pm.