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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Parking Permits

University parking permits are always required while on campus. Parking permits are available and may be purchased online at online at Visitors may purchase a day permit from dispensers in general parking lots on campus. The minimum parking citation fine at California State University, Long Beach for parking without a valid, visible permit is $48.00. See Parking Regulations for more details on specific permits.

How to Display Your Parking Permit

Windshield Stickers - Student Semester parking permits:

  • Stuck on the lower rear window passenger's side, face out, and fully visible. If the rear window is tinted, then you may stick the permit on the front windshield passenger's side, face out, so that it is fully visible.
  • On a clear plastic hangtag, available for sale from the University Bookstore, that is suspended from the rearview mirror, hanging and facing the windshield, or lower right front windshield, if rear window is tinted.

Hangtags – Faculty / Staff annual permits:

  • Suspended from the rearview mirror, hanging and facing the windshield.

Paper Parking Permits - Daily/Hourly Permits, Visitor One-Day Parking Permits, Temporary Parking Permits, and Official State Business Parking Permits:

  • Placed on the center dashboard of the vehicle, face up, fully visible, and in such a way as not to obstruct the Vehicle Identification Number.

Types of Permits:

Student Parking Permits

These parking permits are only valid in general (student) lots. To avoid a citation, read the yellow and black signs stating what parking lot you are entering and be sure the sign reads general (student) lot. A student-parking permit is only valid in staff lots after 6 P.M. or on weekends, with the exceptions of lots 5 and 10.  Students are never allowed to park in lots 5 and 10. A student will be cited accordingly if found in a staff lot on weekdays before 6 P.M. or at any time in lots 5 and 10. For locations of general lots please see the Campus Map and Parking Information web page.

Student permits for a particular semester or session become available for sale at the start of the registration period. They can be purchased online at

Student and Visitor Daily/Hourly Parking Permits

Students and faculty/staff who do not already have a parking permit as well as visitors may purchase a daily permit at a dispenser for $5.00/day 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The dispensers are located in parking lots 1, 11A, 11B, PS2, PS3, 12, 13, 14A, 14C, PS1, 16 and across from lot 20. Daily permits are only valid in general lots. After 6 P.M., these permits are also valid in staff lots, except for lots 5 and 10.

Hourly parking is also available at the meters ($2 per hour) or at pay-by-space locations ($2 for 1 hour, $5 for 2 hours, $10 for 3 hours, and $15 for 4 hours.)  As stated on the pay by space machines, please use exact change as no change is given.

Employee Parking Permits

Faculty and Staff permits may be purchased through the cashier's office located on the first floor of Brotman Hall, and may be paid by cash, check or debit card, or by signing up for pre-tax payroll deduction if you qualify.

Semester Parking Permits

All semester permits are purchased online at Once the permit is purchased it becomes the personal property of each owner. The University is not responsible for lost or stolen permits.

Contractor and Visitor Permits

If you are a contractor or guest that will be parking on our campus for any length of time, please make sure the department or office you are working with secures a parking pass for you. Contact the department office 48 hours before you are scheduled to be on campus and verify that they have secured a permit for the day(s) you will be on campus. If no arrangements have been made prior to your arrival on campus, then you must purchase a day permit at one of the yellow pay stations located in the lots and structures; pay at the meters; or at pay-by-space locations in order to avoid a citation.

Carpool Permits

If you are a current CSULB student, faculty or staff member with a paid semester or a non-expiring payroll deduction parking permit, and you drive to campus with one or more current CSULB students, faculty or staff members, then you may apply for a Carpool Permit.  The Carpool Permit Application may be found online or at the Parking and Transportation Services office.  At least two members of the carpool must present the completed signed application in person at the customer service counter of the PTS office in order to receive the carpool permit.  Only one carpool permit will be issued for each carpool.

If you park in a designated carpool space, at least 2 people must arrive in the car and exit the car at the time it is parked in the carpool space. If a driver is seen parking alone in any carpool space, and / or exiting a vehicle alone in any carpool space, then a citation will be issued.

Links: Campus Map and Parking Information

Special Parking Requests

CSULB Parking and Transportation Services provide assistance with special parking and permit needs of individuals or groups in order to facilitate the business operations of the University according to the following regulations and procedures.

Special Permits, Privileges and Dispensations

Special parking privileges may be extended when circumstances essential to the attainment of the University's mission or welfare of the community exist. Special dispensations are allowed in the following circumstances:

  1. Vendors and contractors performing duties contracted by the university while parked in a specific area designated by the Parking and Transportation Services
  2. Faculty and staff on non-paid status working on campus; including emeritus faculty
  3. Campus community events
  4. As directed by the Office of the President

Special Access parking shall be authorized by and coordinated with the University Parking and Transportation Services. The following conditions shall apply:

  1. Department(s) or organization(s) are responsible for distributing special passes for the event. For large events, and upon approval from Parking and Transportation Services, special access passes may be mailed in advance with the date, time and area specified on the permit.
  2. Request for special access passes are to be made to a minimum of 14 days prior to the date pass is needed to allow for review and processing.
  3. Special Access is limited to designated parking lots, which shall be assigned by Parking and Transportation Services. The user of the Special Access Pass is subject to the express limitations indicated on the permit.
  4. A Special Access Pass must be displayed along with a valid CSULB permit.

Temporary Parking Permits

Temporary parking permits are available to faculty, staff and students who have demonstrated a need for special parking as an alternate to their regular parking privileges. Purchase of a day/student/staff/faculty permit required. Requests for Temporary Parking may be initiated by contacting the Cashier's Office: (562) 985-1752, Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Reciprocity with CSU Campuses

Currently employed CSU Faculty and Staff may park in employee parking at CSULB if they have their valid current term CSU parking permit.  Reciprocity does not apply to individuals not currently employed, including Emeriti.