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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach


Carpooling is a great option for students and staff to save time and money when commuting to campus. Not only do carpool members share the cost of gas and a CSULB parking permit, but they also can avoid traffic by accessing the convenient HOV lanes on freeways leading to campus.

Based on recent evaluations of all sustainable transportation programs on campus, CSULB will be shifting resources toward other sustainable transportation incentives that will create a larger reduction in our overall greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). These programs will include the new Anaheim Shuttle route and campus bus program with U-PASS TAP card. As of fall 2016, designated carpool spaces on campus will be converted into student (general) or employee (restricted) parking spaces. We encourage carpooling whenever possible for all the benefits listed above and we appreciate your contribution to improving sustainability on campus and reducing our shared campus carbon footprint.

Zimride Carpool Matching Service

Zimride is a great resource to find a carpool partner specific to CSULB. Zimride by Enterprise is a private ridesharing network available to CSULB students, faculty and staff to connect with each other to share rides to and from campus or other locations. We encourage existing carpoolers as well as new members to take advantage of the Zimride service and the benefits that it offers to the CSULB community. More information can be found at