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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Employee Rideshare Program

CSULB is committed to supporting sustainable transportation options for our campus community. This is in accordance with the South Coast Air Quality Management District requirement for all companies with over 250 employees in the South Coast Air Basin to have an employee commute reduction program in place. The purpose of Employee Rideshare Program is to support sustainable transportation choices and reduce single occupancy vehicle commutes to the campus. This is done by providing CSULB employees with vanpool and/or public transit subsidies, or fringe benefit incentives.

Members of the Employee Rideshare Program are required to complete a brief Air Quality Management District commute survey once each year. The survey asks how you traveled to campus each day during a work week. Failure to complete the annual AQMD Survey may result in the termination of Rideshare benefits.

Employee Vanpool Subsides

Full-time University employees in groups of 5 or more who elect to form a vanpool and who sign a van rental agreement with Enterprise Rideshare are eligible for:

  • $400 per month van rental subsidy from their local Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • $40/month per driver or $20/month per passenger van rental subsidy from CSULB Parking and Transportation
  • Pre-tax payroll deduction for any out of pocket cost towards the van rental
Employees who receive a vanpool subsidy are not eligible for any additional benefits, such as Rideshare Rewards Points.

Employee Public Transit Subsides

University employees who live within the Long Beach Transit service area may ride any Long Beach Transit bus for free by swiping their CSULB ID Card through the fare box. This program, known as the U-PASS, is available to all employees year-round.

CSULB faculty or staff who live outside of the LBT service area but within LA County may purchase MTA transit fare for their own commute to and from CSULB and receive reimbursement, by direct deposit only, of:

  • 100% of actuals paid, up to the approved limit, for employees who do not have a CSULB parking permit
  • 50% of actuals paid, up to the approved limit, for employees who do have a CSULB parking permit
Employees, who receive a transit subsidy, including U-PASS, are not eligible for any additional benefits, such as Rideshare Rewards Points.

Employee Rideshare Fringe Benefits

As an incentive to choose a commute alternative to driving alone to work, CSULB Parking and Transportation Services offers University employees 1 point for each day they walk, bike, carpool, ride a motorcycle, or do not come to campus as a result of having already worked a 4/40 or a 3/36 workweek. Each point is worth $1 cash value.

Employees who walk, bike, carpool, ride a motorcycle, or work a compressed work week must complete the on-line Rideshare Registration and record their commute on the on-line monthly Rideshare Record. Points from the previous month must be recorded on the Rideshare Record by the 5th day of the following month. Falsification or willful misrepresentation of information to obtain any available incentive can lead to disciplinary action, up to and including employee termination. Points may be accrued and saved up to a limit of $250, and they may be withdrawn in increments of $25 gift cards to available vendors. Any employee who accrues more than $250 points will receive a reminder email that they should withdraw any points above $250 within 30 days, or any points above $250 will be forfeited at the end of the fiscal year on June 30. It is the employee’s responsibility to withdraw all accrued points upon separation from the University or points will be forfeited after separation.

The IRS considers these Sustainable Transportation Incentives to be taxable fringe benefits. The total redeemed incentives will be taxed at current state and federal rates. These taxes will be taken out of the following month’s paycheck.