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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Chief of Police Welcome

February 4, 2016

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students

Welcome all new and returning students, faculty and staff to the spring 2016 semester at California State University, Long Beach. As you begin the semester, be assured that the University Police Department (UPD) is committed to making CSULB a safe and welcoming environment in which you can pursue your academic endeavors.

Due to the concerns over the increase in the number of incidents involving gun violence in the country, it is prudent to share how the UPD has prepared itself to react – as well as actions you should take – in the event that such a scenario should occur.

Over the course of the last four years the UPD has engaged in "real world" training exercises, commonly referred to as Active Shooter Training. We have included various outside agencies during these exercises, including the Long Beach Police and Fire Departments, as well as local hospitals and EMS personnel. UPD has also sought out training from specialists in the field, as well as other law enforcement agencies, in an effort to bring our officers training in line with the best applied techniques and protocols to follow in the event of an active shooter scenario.

University Police has also engaged the university community to educate and inform everyone of the most effective techniques to remain safe should such an event take place here at CSULB. The principle sponsor of such efforts is the UPD's Office of Crime Prevention, located in the University Student Union (USU). The Office of Crime Prevention is the primary resource for information regarding such incidents, related educational materials, as well as in-person workshops that train individuals how to react to such an event should they be in a classroom when it occurs.

In the event of such a situation, UPD's goal will be to identify and neutralize the threat in a manner and time frame that seeks to minimize the number of people affected. While it is not comfortable to contemplate this happening on our campus, it is important that as a community we make every effort to prepare ourselves so that we know what to do should such a situation occur. In such a scenario, it is important to remember the following:

  • Be alert for ENS notifications on your cell phone regarding the event, which will include campus areas to avoid or evacuate, as well as safe evacuation routes. Please take this opportunity to visit MyCSULB to make sure the appropriate number is listed as your preferred number so that you will receive these critical communications.
  • Follow all instructions, which will vary depending on the course of events – this is especially important when considering whether to stay in place (often referred to as shelter in place) or attempt to evacuate.
  • If a lockdown should occur at your location, shelter in place, turn off the lights, silence your cell phone, and secure and barricade doors.
  • Look for objects that can be used to defend yourself should the need arise.
  • Make every effort to remain calm and quiet; rest assured, help is on the way.

Please take the time to visit the University Police website to learn more about this topic and about the different types of responses you can prepare for in the event of an emergency. The Emergency Information website address is: The University Police Department website can be found at

Your Police Department has the safety of each and every one of our students, faculty and staff as our highest priority. We are prepared, we are confident, and we are determined to keep our community safe and free from harm. We have invested considerable time and resources, using the best experts and training facilitators in the field to prepare ourselves and we remain ever vigilant in our commitment to protect and serve our community here at CSULB.

As always, the University Police Department is here to serve the interests of its campus community and is available to help make your time here at CSULB a safe, secure, and rewarding experience. If any group would like to schedule a presentation on this subject, please contact Sergeant Keith Caires at the Crime Prevention Center by calling (562) 985-8538 or emailing him at

Fernando M. Solorzano
Chief of Police