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Theft - Crime Prevention Tips

Be Aware of Theft

By following some simple strategies you can significantly reduce the chances of theft from happening to you. Each person needs to take every opportunity presented to them to avoid becoming a victim.

Motor Vehicles

Use one of the three recommended deterrents:

  • A club that is case-hardened steel
  • A kill-switch or
  • An alarm

Using these type devices or combinations of the three helps to deter motor vehicle theft but it is not a guarantee.

  • Park in lighted areas
  • Lock your vehicle
  • Place personal property out of sight
  • Use those deterrents you have


If you ride a bicycle on campus secure the main portion of the frame and front tire to the bicycle rack with a quality hardened type lock; cable locks and chains can be easily defeated with bolt cutters.

Everything Else

Engrave your property with your driversí license number.

Record the make, model and serial numbers of all valuables and keep the record in a safe place.

Do not leave your possessions unattended at any time. This is to include locations in the Library, the Student Union and in classrooms. If you fall asleep consider your possessions unattended.

Professional theft rings travel from one university to another looking for easy opportunities to collect on your negligence. No police department can function effectively without the assistance of a responsible community. We need your help and cooperation; only in this manner can we work together for a safe campus.