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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

California State University, Long Beach 2008-2009 Resource Planning Process

Form 3 - Budget Impact Reduction Statement

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Identify department/service area or activity that will be impacted by a base and/or non-base reduction in fiscal year 2008/09.
Where appropriate, please show mitigation of reduction utilizing carryover funds.


 FTE   Base Reduction
 Non-Base Reduction
 Use of Carryover
<a> +<b> +c = Total

Listed below are areas that will be impacted with the budget reduction for 2008-09. The total for the Department of Athletics is $222,691. In order to accommodate the loss of funds ($222,691), some areas identified may be eliminated or reduced, or transferred to another funding source.

  • Eliminate a clerical position within the department. The impact will be adding some additional responsibilities to existing office staff and relying more on student help, possibly creating a disruption in customer service.
 (.83)   ($24,107)        ($24,107) 
  • Eliminating $25,000 in printing costs for sport media guides by putting them on cd's or online. Impact will be that this will eliminate an expense, but may also create a hardship for those who don't use computers to be able to download these media guides for reference. These costs are currently through the foundation, but this would allow for a movement of general fund expenditures to be transferred to the foundation, which will also carry a minimum 6% administrative fee.
    ($25,000)        ($25,000) 
  • Transferring student assistants to the Foundation. Impact is that this will actually carry an additional 11% administrative fee along with any applicable withholding taxes, which will require increasing revenues in order to have foundation dollars to offset this move.
    ($95,184)        ($95,184) 
  • 2007-08 non-base budget allocations were spent on increased annual maintenance costs for the Paciolan Ticketing System, restoring a clerical assistant position used for external operations, and for support of higher competitive salaries for Men's Basketball. These expenses are committed and such, only a portion will remain in non-base budget, which means across the board sport operating budget reductions, or increased fundraising. Movement of these expenses will result in additional administrative fees associated with the actual expense.
       $(78,400)     ($78,400) 
Totals (0.83) ($144,291) ($78,400) ($222,691)
TOTAL ($222,691)
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