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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

California State University, Long Beach 2008-2009 Resource Planning Process

Resources and Requirements Plan

Explanatory Notes

The 2008-09 Resources and Requirements Plan estimates the impact of budget decisions made by the State, by the CSU System Office, and the Long Beach campus on the resource allocations for the upcoming year. The plan is based on the Governor's January Budget and the CSU Budget letter B08-02. The plan does not include any changes that could occur with the legislative proceedings that take place before the final budget is passed. The plan presents permanent and temporary allocations that comprise this year’s budget strategy.

The following notes provide an explanation of the numbers shown on the plan. Other related notes and recommendations on the budget strategy and selected topics can be found in the sections following this plan.


2007-08 General Fund Base Budget

Net state support and budgeted revenues and reimbursements detailed in the 2007-08 CSULB Internal Budget Document.

2007-08 Net State Support $205,079,790
Represents that portion of the University's state budget supported by tax revenues.

2007-08 Revenues & Reimbursements

State University Fee $97,163,707
Represents that portion of the University's budget supported by undergraduate, teacher credential and graduate student fees.
Other Receipts $22,384,988
Represents the portion of the University's budget comprised of fees and miscellaneous reimbursements for services. Examples include student health center fee, application fee, non- resident tuition, transcript fees, etc.
Interest Income From State University Fee Revenues $463,000
The campus is now authorized to deposit and manage student fee revenue in local trust accounts and retain most of the interest income that is generated. In order to keep this revenue shift neutral to the state, an annual payment to the state will be made for lost interest income. Despite this payment to the state, the campus was confident that the total interest income would be sufficient enough to permanently pledge this amount to the campus base budget.
Temporary Resources $8,725,295
The campus has accumulated sufficient reserves for a temporary bridge until permanent funds become available. The campus was comfortable pledging this amount of temporary resources in order to fund unforeseen costs.

Total 2007-08 Internal Budget $333,816,780

CSU Adjustments to the 2007-08 Base Budget<$1,075,000>

PERS Retirement – Rate Change <$693,000>
Changes to the 2007-08 budget to reflect the decreased cost of employer-paid contributions for employee retirement effective July 1, 2007. The adjustment by campus is based on budgeted General Fund salaries in the 2007-08 campus FIRMS Final Budget submissions. Long Beach’s share is 8.0% of the total decrease for the CSU.
New Space <$382,000>
Campus General Fund budgets are proportionately reduced to redirect funding to the campuses that have new space coming on-line during the fiscal year. CSULB is allocated $51,000 for new space but loses $433,000 per this redirection of funding.

Net Budget Plan General Fund Reduction <$7,033,200>

The net 2008-09 decrease in the campus’s General Fund allocation is based on CSU budget allocations detailed in the CSU system coded memorandum B08-02 on the 2008-09 Governor’s Budget Allocations.
State University Fee Income $12,398,575

CSULB expects a total of $109,562,282 to be collected in State University Fee (SUF) revenue in 2008-09. This is an increase of $12,398,575 over the 2007-08 budget. The increase has two components:

  • Enrollment beyond budgeted target of approximately 1,200 full-time equivalent students (FTES), generating approximately $4,400,000 or 35% of the total expected SUF revenue increase.
  • A 10% rate increase for undergraduate, graduate, and credential students effective Fall 2008, generating $8,000,000, or 65% of the total expected SUF revenue increase.

This revenue projection is contingent on achieving an official 2008-09 college year enrollment of 30,570 FTES of which 1,200 FTES are expected during the 2008 summer sessions.

Campus Resources

Less: 2007-08 Campus Temporary Resources <$8,725,295>
Represents the amount of campus temporary resources utilized in 2007-08 to fund unforeseen costs.
Plus: 2008-09 Campus Temporary Resources $5,600,000
Represents the amount of campus temporary resources accumulated for a temporary bridge in order to fund unforeseen costs.

Total 2008-09 General Fund Resources $334,981,860


2007-08 Internal Budget

The budgets for the operating divisions and university-wide programs as detailed in the 2007-08 Internal Budget document.

Divisions' Budgets $204,893,866
Budget allocations for the operating divisions exclusive of permanent compensation allocations awarded in 07-08.
University-wide Budgets $128,922,914
General, necessary, or unavoidable costs that benefit the entire campus rather than a particular operating division. Amount includes compensation funding to be permanently allocated to divisions for 07-08 awards.

2007-08 Internal Budget $333,816,780

Changes to 2007-08 Internal Budget

Less: 2007-08 Campus Temporary Resources <$8,725,295>
Reflects the reduction in budgetary requirements commensurate with the amount of campus temporary resources utilized in 2007-08.
PERS Retirement - Rate Change <$693,000>
This is the offsetting entry to the base budget adjustment to the Benefits budget associated with the rate decrease in campus contributions to the CalPERS employees' retirement program, which became effective during 2007-08.
Division Budget Reductions <$7,800,395>
Represents the reduction in division budgets required to offset the decrease in General Funds contained in the January Governor’s Budget for CSULB.


Represents permanent and temporary budget adjustments for divisions and university-wide allocations.

Directed / Earmarked by System Office

Health Benefits Rate Changes $1,598,000
These expenses represent the permanent increase in employer-paid health care costs resulting from January 2008 premium increases. The estimated incremental costs have been prorated on the basis of our percentage share of reported 2006-07 General Fund health benefits expenditures.
Annualized Service Salary Increases (SSIs) $329,000
This is the estimated incremental full year costs of employee service-based salary increases awarded in 2007-08.
Energy Rate Changes & Consumption $335,000
The amount received by the campus is based on our proportional share of custodial square footage (SQF4) as indicated in the 2007-08 Capital Planning Design and Construction facility database.
New Space $51,000
This represents the estimated cost of regular maintenance for new space on the campus (Nursing addition). The amount received by the campus is based on a rate of $9.10 per square foot for 5,600 square feet.
State University Grant (SUG) $3,773,600
Permanent budget adjustment associated with the financial aid set aside of 33% of state university fees from the increased revenue associated with changes in fee rates and enrollment target. This adjustment is a preliminary projection of changes that will occur in campus fiscal year 2007-08 budgeted SUG allocations. Final decisions will be made after 2007-08 financial aid reports have been analyzed. Consequently, campuses are only authorized to commit 90 percent of their projected SUG allocation when making initial financial aid awarding decisions.
2007-08 Compensation Shortfall $3,217,000
The estimated cost of permanent salary and salary-related benefits associated with compensation agreements implemented during 2007-08 in excess of the compensation budget pool allocated by the Chancellorís Office. In 2007-08, these unfunded costs were covered with campus temporary resources.
2008-09 Compensation Shortfall $3,119,000
The estimated cost of permanent salary and salary-related benefits associated with compensation agreements to be implemented June 30, 2008 or during 2008-09 in excess of the compensation budget pool allocated by the Chancellor’s Office.

Funded by Campus

Non-Base Budget Recovery Plan Allocation $1,000,000
An allocation of temporary funds to the operating divisions of the university to continue the recovery phase of the budget recovery plan.
Comprehensive Fundraising Campaign $1,847,300
An allocation of temporary funds to support the ongoing costs of conducting the comprehensive fundraising campaign.
Enhanced Classroom Maintenance $600,000
An allocation of temporary funds to enhance the regular classroom maintenance program that will allow for increased frequency of painting, floor stripping and waxing, carpet cleaning, replacement of chairs and tables, etc.
Campus Messaging System $100,000
An allocation of permanent base funds to cover the annual cost of the campus emergency notification system.
Over-Enrollment Funding $2,413,870
Estimated funding commitment to Academic Affairs for costs related to faculty needed to accommodate projected over-enrollment during 2008-09. Amount is based on projected over-enrollment of 1,213 FTES funded at $1,990 per FTES.
Net 2008-09 Expenditure Changes $1,165,080
(Total of changes to 2007-08 Internal Budget plus 2008-09 Expenditure Requirement Changes)

Total 2008-09 General Fund Expenditure Requirements $334,981,860