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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

2010-11 Resource Planning Process
Sources and Uses Plan


2009-10 General Fund Budget
FY 2009-10 CHANGES
FY 2010-11
2009-10 General Fund Allocation 154,573,278
2009-10 Revenues and Reimbursements - State University Fee 137,471,891
2009-10 Revenues and Reimbursements - Other Receipts 23,540,566
Total 2009-10 General Fund Budget $ 315,585,735
CSU Adjustments to 2009-10 Budget
SOURCES: FY 2009-10 CHANGES AFFECTING 10-11 FY 2010-11
CSU Adjustment -
Total 2009-10 General Fund Budget $ 315,585,735
2010-11 BEGINNING BUDGET $ 315,585,735
Budget Plan Changes
SOURCES: FY 2009-10 CHANGES AFFECTING 10-11 FY 2010-11
Adjustment to 2009-10 Retirement Rate 611,700
General Fund Adjustment by Chancellor's Office (3,887,400)
Adjustment to Revenues and Reimbursements
FY 2010-11
10% State University Fee Increase 12,295,879
Non-Resident Tuition Increase 1,042,767
Enrollment Downsizing Fee Revenue Loss (9,554,045)
TOTAL 2010-11 GENERAL FUND SOURCES $ 316,094,636


2009-10 Internal Budget
FY 2010-11
Divisions' Budgets (Base + non-base) $ 203,503,362
University-wide Budgets (Base + non-base) 132,188,916
One-time Furlough Savings (20,106,543)
Total 2009-10 Internal Budget $ 315,585,735
Changes to 2009-10 Internal Budget
USES: FY 2009-10 CHANGES AFFECTING 10-11 FY 2010-11
Add: 2009-10 One-time Furlough Savings 20,106,543
PERS Retirement Rate Change 611,700
Changes to University-wide Budgets (utilities, employee benefits, risk management budget) (4,000,000)
Enrollment Downsizing Instructional Savings (6,057,560)
Division Budget Reductions (15,859,422)
Adjusted 2009-10 General Fund Budget $ 310,386,996
FY 2010-11
Directed/Earmarked by System Office - Health Benefits Rate Changes 702,000
Directed/Earmarked by System Office - New Space 948,000
Directed/Earmarked by System Office - State University Grant (incremental increase) 4,057,640
Total Directed/Earmarked by System Office 5,707,640
Net 2010-11 Expenditure Changes $ 5,707,640
TOTAL 2010-11 GENERAL FUND USES $ 316,094,636

Explanatory Notes

The 2010-11 Sources and Uses Plan estimates the impact of budget decisions made by the State, by the CSU System Office, and the Long Beach campus on the resource allocations for the upcoming year. The plan is based on planning parameters that have been provided to the campuses by the Chancellor and the CSU Abbreviated Budget Allocation letter B10-01 dated February 19, 2010. The plan does not include any changes that could occur with the legislative proceedings that take place before the final budget is passed. The plan presents permanent and temporary allocations that comprise this year’s budget strategy.

The following notes provide an explanation of the numbers shown on the plan. Other related notes and recommendations on the budget strategy and selected topics can be found in the sections following this plan.


2009-10 General Fund Budget

State support and budgeted revenues and reimbursements detailed in the 2009-10 CSULB Internal Budget Document.

2009-10 General Fund Allocation$154,573,278

Represents that portion of the University’s state budget supported by tax revenues.

2009-10 Revenues & Reimbursements

State University Fee$137,471,891

Represents that portion of the University’s budget supported by undergraduate, teacher credential and graduate student fees.

Other Receipts$23,540,566

Represents the portion of the University’s budget comprised of fees and miscellaneous reimbursements for services. Examples include student health center fee, application fee, non-resident tuition, transcript fees, etc.

Total 2009-10 General Fund Budget$315,585,735

Budget Plan Changes

The budget plan changes in the campus’s General Fund allocation is based on CSU budget allocations detailed in the CSU system coded memorandum B10-01 on the 2010-11 Governor’s Budget Allocations.

PERS Retirement Rate Change$611,700

Retirement rate change to reflect the increased cost of employer-paid contributions for employee retirement effective July 1, 2009.

General Fund Adjustment <$3,887,400>

Long Beach’s share of the $571 million base reduction to the CSU in 2009-10 has been adjusted by the Chancellor’s Office.

Adjustment to Revenues and Reimbursements

State University Fee Increase$12,295,879

This increase of $12,295,879 is due to a 10% rate increase for undergraduate, graduate, and credential students effective Fall 2010. This revenue projection is contingent on achieving our funded 2009-10 college year enrollment target of 26,297 FTES.

Non-Resident Tuition Increase$1,042,767

This increase of $1,042,767 is due to a 10% rate increase for non-resident students effective Fall 2010.

Enrollment Downsizing Fee Revenue Loss<$9,554,045>

This decrease of $9,554,045 in State University Fee revenues is due to the enrollment downsizing of 3,044 FTES to our funded target.

Total 2010-11 General Fund Resources$316,094,636


2009-10 Internal Budget

The budgets for the operating divisions and university-wide programs as detailed in the 2009-10 Internal Budget document.

Divisions' Budgets$203,503,362

Budget allocations for the operating divisions.

University-wide Budgets$132,188,916

General, necessary, or unavoidable costs that benefit the entire campus rather than a particular operating division.

One-time Furlough Savings<$20,106,543>

Budgetary savings in employee salaries and related benefits costs due to the furlough program during 2009-10.

2009-10 Internal Budget$315,585,735

Changes to 2009-10 Internal Budget

Add: 2009-10 One-time Furlough Savings$20,106,543

Reflects the discontinuance of the budgetary savings recognized in 2009-10 from the employee furlough program.

PERS Retirement - Rate Change$611,700

This is the offsetting entry to the base budget adjustment to the Benefits budget associated with the rate increase in campus contributions to the CalPERS employees' retirement program, which became effective during 2009-10.

Changes to University-wide budgets<$4,000,000>

Prudent investments in energy saving projects are now generating operating cost savings that allow for a reduction in the utilities budget. The downsizing of the number of total campus employees allow for a reduction in the employee benefits budget. Positive trends in workers compensation and liability claims and some decreasing insurance premiums permit the university risk management budget to be reduced.

Enrollment Downsizing Instructional Savings<$6,057,560>

Due to the downsizing of enrollment, there are commensurate instructional cost savings from reduced course sections and temporary lecturers.

Division Budget Reductions<$15,859,422>

Represents the reduction in division budgets required to offset the decrease in General Funds contained in the Governor’s Budget for CSULB.



Represents permanent and temporary budget adjustments for divisions and university-wide allocations.

Directed / Earmarked by System Office

Health Benefits Rate Changes$702,000

These expenses represent the permanent increase in employer-paid health care costs resulting from January 2010 premium increases.

New Space$948,000

This is the estimated cost to fund regular maintenance of new space at Nursing and the Hall of Science. Due to the expected opening of the Hall of Science at the end of 2010-11 (May 2011), the costs associated with this building has been prorated and an allowance will need to be included in 2011-12 budget planning.

State University Grant (SUG)$4,057,640

Permanent budget adjustment associated with the financial aid set aside of 33% of state university fees from the increased revenue associated with changes in fee rates. This adjustment is a preliminary projection of changes that will occur in campus fiscal year 2010-11 budgeted SUG allocations.

Net 2010-11 Expenditure Changes$5,707,640

Total 2010-11 General Fund Uses$316,094,636