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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach


Division of Academic Affairs


Quality of Faculty and Staff
Priority and Goals Proposed Project Amount
Increase tenure track hiring to strengthen academic programs, while enhancing tenure density and faculty diversity. Hire eleven new tenure track faculty beyond replacement of retirements $900,000
Continue essential staff hiring to address critical operational needs Hire additional staff in high needs areas beyond replacement of retirements and secure permanent funding for temporary positions $3,630,000
Allocation by college/support areas:
College of Arts$532,799
College of Business Administration$263,172
College of Education$326,472
College of Engineering$361,484
College of Health & Human Services$328,322
College of Liberal Arts$476,810
College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics $440,942
University Library$400,000
Academic Planning & Graduate Studies$26,523
Academic Resources & Strategic Planning$44,036
Academic Technology Services$144,864
Carpenter Performing Arts Center$16,700
Faculty Affairs$42,060
Ocean Studies Institute$17,009
Research and Sponsored Programs$14,201
Undergraduate Studies & Academic Advising$77,752
Student Success
Priority and Goals Proposed Project Amount
Expand CSULB’s use of instructional methods based on innovative technology Expand resources to support instructional innovation in technology (task force report) $400,000
Fiscal Resources and Quality Improvement
Priority and Goals Proposed Project Amount
Continue to plan and budget with focus on core purpose of graduating students with highly valued degrees, taking maximal advantage of new technologies, innovative and online instruction, service efficiencies and other changes in the higher education milieu This is permanent resources to backfill to the extent possible, reductions to operating expenses, instructional equipment, and other instructional support to meet student success initiatives with the focus on new technology $1,000,000
Academic and Information Technology Services
Priority and Goals Proposed Project Amount
Build on progress in training and techical support porgrams to ensure that faculty, staff and students and service providers can effectively use our technology services Plan for a 4 to 5 year refresh cycle for faculty and staff computers and build in appropriate level of staff and faculty support. The estimated budget for the division is $800,000; the request will be phased in over two years, FY 2014-15 and 2015-16. $492,511
Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities
Priority and Goals Proposed Project Amount
Support CSULB faculty RSCA, including undergraduate and graduate research opportunities. Expand RSCA opportunities using a performance funding process and small research grants $805,000
Increase incentives for faculty and staff to seek external funding to increase sponsored program dollar levels to a target of $50M annually, while maintaining an average indirect rate above 15%. Continue to promote and enhance multidisciplinary research to reflect the current workforce opportunities for graduates and encourage faculty's application for grants with average indirect above 15% $110,000
Move RSCA funding off of F&A and use available F&A funds to continue and expand incentives to develop external funding $132,000

Academic Affairs Total $7,469,511