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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach


Division of Administration and Finance


Student Success
Priority and Goals Proposed Project Amount
Continue to support student success initiatives Hire (2) transfer credit and graduation evaluators to support student success initiatives and implementation of e-advising technologies $72,000
  Hire Assoc Director-Registration, Records & Evaluation to identify trends for student success, eliminate barriers, and contribute to student success initiatives $75,000
Improve progress to degree for low income and underrepresented minorities Hire financial aid counselor to assist with increased volume and complexity of aid programs like Dream Act. $37,000
Continue evaluation of graduate programs, graduation rates Hire an evaluator in the graduate student unit to improve the timeliness of graduate student advancements to candidacy and requests to graduate; to support increased monitoring of the timely progress of graduate students. $36,000
Expand active learning that fosters student engagement Maintain classrooms to facilitate active learning $300,000
Quality of Faculty and Staff
Priority and Goals Proposed Project Amount
Continue essential staff hiring to address critical operational needs Hire Assistant Director, Financial Aid as module lead due to program complexity and changing regulations. $70,000
  Hire (2) financial aid technicians to assist with increased volume $64,000
  Hire IT service/system integration professional to provide oversight and integration necessary to coordinate among the highly integrated systems now in place on campus. These integrated systems are mission critical for automated processes and require high availability and reliability. $80,000
  Hire desktop support position to reduce response times for assistance with desktop and laptop support needed by faculty and staff. $50,000
  Augment Help Desk staff to reduce response times for assistance with critical IT support needed by faculty and staff. $25,000
  Base fund existing staff recruiter to facilitate increasing volume of recruitments $65,000
  Hire custodial staff (4.0 FTE) to properly maintain learning environment. $112,000
  Hire work order system business analyst in PPFM to perform process analysis, improve administrative report creation/dissemination, provide system training, and create and maintain system documentation. $75,000
  Hire police officers (2) to stabilize staffing and reduce overtime. $130,000
  Hire additional police dispatcher to provide sufficient coverage during weekends, graveyard, and peak periods. $45,000
  Continue vital student assistant support while accommodating the increase in minimum wage and related adjustments to the student pay scale. $9,500
Enhance training opportunities Hire training resource to develop training content, update training materials, respond to needs, and increase morale $100,000
Fiscal Resources and Quality Improvement
Priority and Goals Proposed Project Amount
Continue to respond to changes in the higher education milieu Initial training for campus community involved in youth activities $15,000
Continue to take maximal advantage of new technologies and service efficiencies Hire additional accounts payable specialist to support expanding needs of the p-card program. The number of users and items purchased are increasing because of process efficiencies. $50,000
Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities
Priority and Goals Proposed Project Amount
Establish a sustainable level of RSCA support for faculty that supports and advances the mission of the University Fully utilize the Common Financial Systems (CFS) capabilities to support the grants and research requirements of the campus through adequate reporting. $216,225
Emergency Preparedness
Priority and Goals Proposed Project Amount
Improve institution's ability to respond to and recover from natural or manmade disasters Hire emergency preparedness assistant coordinator to ensure the university has thoroughly planned for emergencies $40,000
Multiple Strategic Priorities
Priority and Goals Proposed Project Amount
Information Technology Services / Fiscal Resources & Quality Improvement / Research, Scholarly & Creative Activities / Auxiliary Organizations Hire systems analyst to optimize use of business applications with the creation of additional business units; educate campus on proper tools to manage budgets, sponsored awards, endowments, grants, and other funding sources. $80,000
Base fund one and hire one new contracts specialist to address growth in contract review requirements due to expanded university construction efforts, foreign travel, international program activity, affiliation agreements and academic program expansion in the areas of clinics, endowments, and grants. $160,000
Hire risk analyst to address campus liability due to increased insurance requirements from special events, study abroad, foreign travel and international program activities. $55,000
Information Technology Services / Fiscal Resources & Quality Improvement / Auxiliary Organizations Hire (2) Info Tech Consultant positions to expand the routing and electronic approval process on online forms; expand services provided with current applications (e.g. Cashnet); support additional workstations; imaging applications and website improvement/development. $104,000
Fiscal Resources & Quality Improvement / Quality of Faculty & Staff / Auxiliary Organizations Hire trainer to educate campus and auxiliary personnel on various financial management processes $63,000
Student Success / Enrollment Planning and Management / Fiscal Resources & Quality Improvement / Academic and Information Technology Services Hire data mart/data infrastructure professional to support mission critical student and institutional research reports generated and used daily by the campus. (RDS -Reporting Data Store) $75,000

Administration and Finance Total $2,203,725