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Appendix A


Based on the 2014-15 Governorís January Budget Proposal and the corresponding Chancellorís Office budget allocation dated March 6, 2014, our preliminary estimate is that CSULB may have about $10.9 million in discretionary funds available. Initial Resource Planning Process (RPP) plans are based on an allocation of this amount to divisions on a pro-rata basis per the attached Preliminary Distribution Plan. RPP would like to know how each division plans to utilize their respective pro rata distribution. Each divisionís proposed usage plan must be tied directly to specific Campus Strategic Priorities and Goals.

A few important notes:

  • With so many cuts in recent years there may be general operating and equipment restorations (or inflationary adjustments) that need to occur that may not be included explicitly in the campus goals. Such use of funding is appropriate but is expected to be nominal.
  • There may be cross-divisional uses that should be presented, i.e., is there a campus goal that will only be attained if more than one division makes it a priority. This will require cross-divisional discussion and coordination.
  • If you are adding state General Fund employees with these additional funds, you may assume the cost of employee benefits will be covered by the university-wide benefits budget.


  1. Please use the attached form to submit plans for use of pro rata allocations that will further a specific campus goal. Please feel free to add as many sections/pages as necessary to capture your plans.
  2. The form has three sections across the page. On the left, list the strategic priority and goal. In the middle section, list the proposed use of funds/project and how the strategic goal is met. In the right section, enter the dollar amount.
  3. A section has been provided for general operating and equipment restorations (or inflationary adjustments).
  4. There is also a separate section if your planned use of funds cuts across more than one of the nine strategic priorities simultaneously or if you have cross-divisional uses. Please write in the specific campus goal(s) that your planned use of funds will advance.
  5. You are not required to submit these forms prior to your division hearing unless you so desire. If you do not submit in advance, please bring 20 hard copies of your completed forms for all RPP Task Force members.

Please recognize that this is based on a preliminary forecast of campus budget figures that may change with the Governorís May Revise or before the final budget is enacted.

Based on Governor's January Budget Proposal & Budget Allocation Letter B 2014-01

Projected Campus Discretionary Funds $10,918,900
2013-14 Base Budget % Pro Rata Distribution
Academic Affairs $ 123,516,175 68.4% $7,469,511
Admin and Finance $ 36,440,897 20.2% $2,203,725
Student Services $ 11,110,987 6.2% $671,925
University Relations & Devel $ 5,040,383 2.8%


Athletics $ 3,168,068 1.8% $191,586
President's Office $ 1,278,916 0.7% $77,342
Totals $ 180,555,426 100.0% $ 10,918,900


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