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Enrollment Planning

In this section, four broad types of reports are available. Past 10 years of Admission Trends, upcoming Term Enrollment (based on predictive model), Fill Rate, and Department Reports are available for review. These reports assist Departments, Colleges and the University as a whole for planning. Report updates vary based on the type of report and information provided.

Multi-year reports typically will summarize final FTES and headcount enrollment numbers for recent like terms (i.e., Fall or Spring). Some reports have options that provide the ability to drill to more detailed information, descending from the College, to the Department, and, finally, down to the course level.

Course Capacity Reports: Figures are broken down by College and department and show course capacity in any given semester, as well as the number of available seats at the given time of the report, updated on weekly intervals.

Waitlist Reports: now track classes with waitlists. Figures are broken down by department and show course capacity in any given semester, as well as both the number of available seats and waitlist activity at any given point in time up to the first day of class. Enrolled students are not counted as waitlisted, and a student is only counted once per course in the department report or once per report row in the detail report. Also, a course can have openings in some sections but waitlist counts in other sections.

Low Enrollment Reports: provide registration numbers for courses commonly considered to have an unacceptably low enrollment. Separate reports are available for individual departments, Colleges, or the entire university.

Unfamiliar Terms Used in Displays

  • FTES: Full Time Equivalent Students (12 units for Masterís and Doctoral students and 15 units for all others).
  • Census: a term that describes the 20th day of instruction where a snapshot of the student body is taken for reporting purposes.

Enrollment Planning Reports:

General Information

  1. Enrollment Planning Updates
  2. Tips for Using the Interactive Enrollment Planning Report
  3. Guide to Resources Available for Enrollment Planning and Management


  1. 11 - Year Admission Trend Report, Fall 2003 - Fall 2014
  2. 11 - Year Enrollment Trend Report, Fall 2003 - Fall 2014
  3. Upcoming Term Enrollment Reports by Department
  4. Interactive Enrollment Planning Reports
  5. Semester Targets
  6. Enrollment & Registration
  7. Department FTES by Course Level and Student Major
  8. Department FTES Reports by term, move course trends to enrollment planning and delete SCUs

Enrollment Planning Reports being worked on:

  1. GE Sections and Enrollment
  2. Fill Rate Report (Combine Bottleneck/Low Demand) This report is a combination of:
    • Bottleneck Courses for Fall 2013 Planning
    • Low Demand Courses for Fall 2013 Planning
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If any of these reports are inaccessible, please call the Institutional Research office at (562) 985-5462 for assistance.