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California State University, Long Beach

Institutional Research and Assessment On Demand Reporting

College of The Arts


Department: Art


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  • Art:Art History (BA)
  • Art:Art History (BS)
  • Art:Art Education (BA)
  • Art (BA)
  • Art (none)
  • Art (BS)
  • Art:Art Education (BS)
  • Art (other)
  • Art:Art Education (other Bachelor)

  • Art Photography (other Bachelor)
  • Ceramics (other Bachelor)
  • Drawing And Painting (other Bachelor)
  • Graphic Design (other Bachelor)
  • Illustration (other Bachelor)
  • 3-D Media
  • Printmaking (other Bachelor)
  • Sculpture (other Bachelor)
  • Art (Other Bachelor)
  • Drawing And Painting (BA)
  • Art Metal Jewelry (BA)
  • Art: Textile Design (other Bachelor)
  • Art Photography (BA)

  • Art (MA)
  • Art:Art History (MA)

  • Art (other Master)

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