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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Student Demographics and Achievements

There are several characteristics that make up the diverse student body of California State University, Long Beach. These reports have been created to help understand how students enter the University, successfully take courses and ultimately graduate from the University.



Department Reports

Retention and Graduation

First Time Freshmen


Native Junior


Opportunity Gap: Retention and Graduation by Under Represented Minorities and Non-Under Represented Minorities

In this section you will find analyses of historical trends and evaluation of ongoing programs focused on closing the achievement gap. Each report has cohorts delineated by criteria established by the California State University Office of the Chancellor. The disaggregation is as follows for both freshmen and transfer students.

Unfamiliar Terms Used in Displays

  • Under Represented Minority Students – African-American, Hispanic, and American-Indian students.
  • Non Under Represented Minority Students – Caucasions and Asian/Pacific Islander students
  • Students whose race is classified as unknown or other are excluded from the race metrics
  • Nonresident aliens are excluded from all metrics
  • Pell Grant recipient status is used as a proxy for students’ income status

Student Demographics and Achievements being worked on:

  1. Enrollment Head Count (HC) History by Student Level
  2. Enrollment HC by Ethnicity
  3. Feeder info H.S./Community College
  4. Academic Performance
    • Academic Status At End-Of-Term For Fall Semesters
    • Academic Status At End-Of-Term For Spring Semesters
  5. Degree Reports
    • Time to Degree Under Represented Minoristy/Non-Under Represented Minority, College/Dept
    • Units at Degree Under Represented /Non-Under Represented Minority, College/Dept
    • Avg CSULB units @ Degree: State vs. Self-Support