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Filming on Campus


A filming permit is required for student filming on the campus of CSULB. This procedure applies to all Film and Electronic Majors who are conducting filming for class credit.

The university has a selective process of reviewing filming permits to fit the needs of academic priorities. Filming under any circumstance may not displace CSULB employees or students. The first two weeks of a semester will have limited use and any filming will require special approval.

Film students are required to comply with the terms and conditions of the Motion Picture/Photography Filming Permit and must obtain a ”Request to Film on Campus” form from the Department of Film and Electronic Arts. Students are encouraged to work with their instructors and the Department of Film and Electronic Arts in order to maximize the quantity and quality of filming on campus when and where possible. Steve Hubbert (562) 985-5573 is the staff member responsible for approving permit and equipment requests.

Event Services facilitates the notification and approval process that includes the University Police, Risk Management, Facilities Management, and Parking using the Event Management System (EMS). Event Services facilitates the final approval to use university space for all student filming. Students must submit permit request a minimum of seven (7) day prior to date of event.

Contacts in Event Services

Pamela Jesse:Phone (562) 985-8390
Mishelle Laws:Phone (562) 985-8356

Students who are not Film and Electronic Arts majors may apply for use of campus facilities for filming by contacting the Office of Student Life and Development. They will coordinate the project with the Event Services Office, Pamela Jesse at (562) 985-8390 and secure final approval.


The filming permit is coordinated by Event Services and enforced by University Police. A one week time period is required. The Special Event Coordinator will input the request in Event Management System (EMS) and wait for approvals from campus service provider resources.

  1. Student obtains “Request to Film on Campus” from the Department of Film and Electronic Arts.
    • Completes the “Request to Film on Campus” with all the details
    • Request is signed by the student and the instructor
    • Student(s) obtains written signature of clearance from venue owned areas, emails are accepted
    • Personal information at top of form must be completed.
      1. Brief description of project including # of people and type of equipment.
        • Indicate use of technical equipment; lights, power source, etc.
        • Describe street or service road filming details. Traffic will need to be controlled by UP if necessary.
        • Note any use of smoke or fog generators.
      2. Date, start and end time, location, and approval by location is required Notes:
        • Include script, storyboards, map indicating location, etc Student must agree by signing the form that information is correct and they will employ all safety measures as indicated on form.
  2. Submit request to Event Services Office a minimum of seven (7) days prior to date of event along with script and campus map indicating filming locations
    • Restricted Locations:
      • Various Art Sculptures (Pyramid, Bell Tower, Fountain)
      • Residence Halls
      • Brotman Hall (interior)
      • Mail Services
      • Dance Center
      • Undeveloped Areas (22 acres on Bellflower and Earl Warren Drive)
      • Restrooms
  3. Event Services will review request form and script, check that instructor has approved the request and all areas are approved by the appropriate manager/facility coordinator for the service area.
    • The script is reviewed for any items that may not be appropriate for filming on campus and relay findings (if any) to student.
    • Script will be reviewed for safety, security, and trademark issues.
    • Public Affairs may be consulted if necessary
    • Absolutely no use of animals in student films allowed
  4. Request is put into EMS including the following:
      • Event Name: Name of Film and indicate ‘Student Film’ at the end of Event Title
      • Type: Filming Student
      • Customer: Film & Electronics Art Department
      • 1st Contact: Name of Student, phone number, email
      • Alternate Contact: usually instructor
      • Billing: Group 1 w/out Venue Fees
      • Status: Courtesy Hold
    • Request form, script, filming location map, and relevant emails from student are scanned and put in attachments in EMS.
    • When all information has been put into EMS and is correct, the status is changed from Courtesy Hold to Tentatively Booked.
  5. EMS will automatically notify the service area’s via dashboard for review and approvals. The service providers will review and approve/deny in EMS with comments.
    • Parking - use of spaces for campus and/or non-campus people. Charges may occur.
    • Police – anything disruptive, dangerous, harmful, destructive, negative, detrimental, hurtful, and/or injurious will not be approved. Some props may need approval from University Police, such as: car scenes, fights, amplified sound, generators, etc. Amplified sounds and generators may be disruptive to the campus and/or community and could require special approval.
    • Risk - insurance or waivers may be needed. The student is usually covered under University Policy, but there are times that Risk will require insurance or a waiver if students are filming non-campus people or passerby’s. Student is responsible for collecting waivers. FM/ H & ES should be contacted for use of smoke or fog generators.
    • ASI owned and operated venues are a separate legal entity. Film & Electronics will renew an additional blanket policy yearly for students using ASI owned and operated venues such as the University Student Union and Student Recreation Wellness Center.
    • Facilities - equipment or services may be needed such as; tables, chairs, podium, electrical etc. Student is responsible for clean up after filming, damage, stains, & alterations to campus property including, but not limited to sidewalk or grass.
    • Potential adjustments may be made based on certifier comments
    • Student can work with the Event Manager to eliminate and/or make changes to the request that can compel the event to be acceptable. On occasion, Service Providers may want to talk to the student for further explanation of a scene.
    • If request is denied, student has the option of omitting a scene or rewriting a scene of the script to make it acceptable.
    • It is not necessary to recertify if only one service area has denied request. This can be negotiated by phone or email with the service area and updated in EMS
  6. After all service areas have responded with approvals, Event Services changes status to ‘Confirmed’, signs at bottom of Request Form, scans a copy of the approved form and attaches it into EMS.
    • Student is notified via phone/email that their request is approved and ready for pick up. All original paperwork is given back to the student.
    • If the event is not approved and student carries it through, the event will be discontinued by the University Police.
  7. Event Services will notify student by phone and/or email that they may pick up their approval any weekday between 8:00 – 5:00. The pickup area is at the front desk in Brotman Hall 320.
    • If time is not permitting for student to pick up, a confirmation from EMS may be emailed to student so they can have a copy with them at the time of filming.
  8. Student should have a printed copy of the approval with them at the time of filming.
    • Processing student films when the film setting takes place at a venue belonging to a certain area, e.g. COLE, CPAC, Housing, USU, Pyramid. This process should be done so that the event is booked in the actual venue in EMS and venue cannot be doubled booked for that date and time.
      1. Student brings Request to Film for review and signature to Venue Manager of area where film setting is taking place.
      2. Venue Manager inputs the event into EMS
      3. Student brings approved request to ES Venue Manager
      4. ES Venue Manager follows protocol above to complete the process.


Issue Date: 2/22/13

Last Review Date: 3/22/13

Amended Date: 3/22/13

Amended Description: added documents; added animal rule; added process for approvals on page 5

Please contact Mishelle Laws at 562 985-8356 or if you have any questions