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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Information Security

Records Retention and Disposition Schedules

This website has links and resources to help comply with requirements contained in Executive Order 1031, the CSU Records/Information Retention and Disposition Schedules. The objective of the executive order is to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements while implementing appropriate operational best practices. Resources on this page include the official, numbered record series forms, definitions, as well as frequently asked questions (FAQ).

The Campus Information Security Officer must ensure that appropriate campus department(s) implements the records/information retention and disposition schedules for that area, including designating official campus custodian(s) for each type of record. Records/information custodians are responsible for controlling the administration of records/information in all media forms and for valuing such records/information in accordance with retention authority requirements. The retention and disposition of records/information are to conform to standards set forth within retention and disposition schedules issued in conjunction with this executive order.

These schedules are not to be abridged or altered except to add specific guidance regarding the retention and disposition of unique, campus-specific records/information. Each series or schedule will be periodically reviewed and updates will be posted to this website. If a record has not been identified on the Retention and Disposition Schedule, please contact Information Security Management and Compliance.

The Information Security Officer has identified Records Custodians who are subject matter experts, and can answer questions related to the retention and disposition schedule for their record series. Each of the schedules, below, identify the Record Custodian assigned to the university record.

These schedules also include CSU Long Beach specific records, which are highlighted in red text.

Schedule Series Date Last Revised Schedule (PDF)  
1.0 Personnel/Payroll 12/20/2016 pdf icon
2.0 Fiscal 3/28/2017 pdf icon
3.0 Environmental Health & Safety 4/11/2017 pdf icon
4.0 Student Records 2/25/2013 pdf icon  
5.0 Facilities 04/11/2012 pdf icon
6.0 University Police 5/4/2017 pdf icon
7.0 University Advancement 02/03/2015 pdf icon
8.0 Academic Personnel 06/13/2012 pdf icon excel icon
9.0 Curriculum & Accreditation 05/18/2009 pdf icon excel icon
10.0 Research & Sponsored Programs 06/13/2012 pdf icon excel icon
11.0 Institutional Records 05/18/2009 pdf icon excel icon