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Recruitment, Selection, and Appointment of Management Personnel Plan (MPP) Employees

Guideline Contents

  • Responsible University Officer:
    Associate Vice President, Human Resources Management
  • Guideline Contact:
    Director, Staff Human Resources


It is the policy of California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) to conduct the recruitment, selection, and appointment for all Management Personnel Plan (MPP) employees in accordance with Title V, Article 2.2, equal employment opportunity law, and affirmative action principles.


The university will conduct an open recruitment for all Management Personnel Plan (MPP) vacancies for the purpose of attracting and selecting the best qualified candidates. A current Academic Senate Policy provides for the recruitment, selection and appointment for all academic administrative positions and, for such positions, takes precedence over this policy. The hiring authority and appropriate administrator, as used in this policy, shall be determined by each respective division executive and included in the search protocol.


Under rare circumstances, a division executive may request the President to authorize exceptions to the open recruitment process for MPP positions under the following conditions:

  • The reassignment of a manager who is displaced due to reorganization, or
  • The reassignment of a manager when such reassignment creates a vacancy for which an open recruitment will be conducted, or
  • The temporary reassignment of an employee into or within the Management Personnel Plan to assume management responsibilities while a manager is on an approved leave of absence. The duration of this reassignment should not extend beyond one year. Wherever possible, an on-campus search should be conducted to identify the employee to be reassigned.
  • The President judges that the permanent appointment of a current CSULB employee uniquely meets the needs of the University, and is in compliance with Affirmative Action/Equal Protection Opportunity Guidelines of the campus.

Acting or Interim Appointments

  • The President or appropriate Vice President may make an acting appointment without a search for a period not to exceed one year. It is expected that an open recruitment for the position will be initiated shortly after the acting appointment is made.
  • Extensions beyond the one year time frame may be authorized only by the President after consultation with appropriate constituencies.
  • Staff Human Resources will work with the appropriate administrator (level 4) to determine the appropriate increase for acting or interim appointments in compensation based on the Compensation for Management Personnel Plan (MPP) Employees administrative guideline(s).
  • The employee’s salary will be set at the time of the reassignment into the “Acting or Interim” appointment with no additional compensation for the employee if a permanent assignment occurs without a recruitment.

Search Committees

Search committees are required for all recruitments of administrator positions at the III and IV levels. At the discretion of the hiring authority/appropriate administrator, a search committee may be designated for the recruitment of other management positions at levels I and II. Those choosing search committees established in accordance with this policy shall attempt to ensure that the committee's membership represents the University's ethnic and gender diversity.

The Role of the Search Committee:

  • The search committee is advisory to the hiring/appropriate administrator.
  • Recruitment and selection procedures utilized in the search process shall be in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth in the University Affirmative Action Plan.
  • The search committee is expected to ensure constituency representation for certain specified administrative positions described above and to ensure integrity and openness for the search process.
  • The search committee will work with the hiring authority/appropriate administrator, the Director of Staff Human Resources or designee, and the Director of Equity and Diversity, to develop the criteria by which applicants will be evaluated, to develop or revise advertising and other recruitment efforts, and to develop the search protocol.
  • Search Committees are responsible for reviewing the applicants’ files, conducting appropriate reference checks, and conducting interviews in accordance with the established search protocol.
  • After completion of the final interviews, the Search Committee will be asked to review the evaluations, and provide feedback on all candidates recommended to the division executive through the hiring authority/appropriate administrator, indicating each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to the pre-determined evaluation criteria.

Search Committees for Selected MPP Positions:

For the following selected management positions (or their functional equivalency should organizational titles change) and for other positions at a similar level as directed by the President, the composition of the search committee is prescribed below. For other MPP positions, the membership of the search committee is at the discretion of the hiring authority/or appropriate administrator.

  • Office of the President
    • Director of Equity and Diversity
    • Executive Assistant to the President
  • Administration and Finance
    • Vice President
    • Associate Vice President
    • Police Chief
  • Athletics
    • Director
  • Information Technology
    • Chief Information Officer
  • Student Services
    • Vice President
    • Associate Vice President
    • Assistant Vice President
    • Director, Housing & Residential Life
    • Director, Student Health Services
  • University Relations and Development
    • Vice President
    • Associate Vice President

Search Committee Membership for selected MPP positions identified above:

Composition of Committee

  • One tenured faculty member recommended by the Academic Senate.
  • One staff member.
  • One student member recommended by the Associated Students, Inc. or an alumna/alumnus recommended by the CSULB Alumni Association Board as appropriate.
  • One CSULB administrator recommended by the President or appropriate division executive of the position under recruitment.
  • At the discretion of the President or division executive, additional member(s) may be selected from appropriate constituencies to serve on the search committee. This assignment is normally based on the area of responsibility of the position under recruitment and by the procedure specified above.

Selection of the Members

  • Staff Human Resources will assist the hiring authority/appropriate administrator in initiating the requests to the designated groups for nominees willing to serve on a search committee for Administrator III and IV vacancies

Search Committee Support

  • The hiring authority/appropriate administrator is responsible for calling the first meeting of the search committee. Additionally, the hiring authority/appropriate administrator is responsible for providing support staff for each of his/her search committees. Staff support to the search committee is expected to attend all meetings of the search committee, as well as provide logistical support, clerical support, etc.


All information regarding recruitment, selection and appointment are to be held in the strictest confidence. All documents utilized in the search process are the property of the University and are filed in the Office of Staff Human Resources.

Vice President Recruitments

Appointment letters for Vice President Positions that offer a car allowance as part of the appointment, must contain language indicating that the appointee is precluded from receiving mileage reimbursement.


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Issue Date: July 2001

Last Review Date: June 2018

Amended Date: July 2015

Amended Description: Added CIO under Search Committes for Selected MPP Positions. Redacted Staff Council recommended from the second bullet under the heading Search Committee Membership for selected MPP positions identified above: