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Recruitment Procedures Staff & MPP Employees

Guideline Contents

  • Responsible University Officer:
    Associate Vice President, Human Resources Management
  • Primary Guideline Contact:
    Associate Director, Classification, Compensation and Employment


This purpose of the guideline is to outline general recruitment procedures for staff and management positions.


Whether you have a single question or need comprehensive consulting services, Staff Human Resources is here to help you plan and successfully complete your recruitment. This guide contains the following steps:

  1. Preparing to Open a Recruitment
  2. Initiating the Recruitment Via eRecruit
  3. Job Posting Timeline
  4. The Screening Process
  5. The Interview Process
  6. Reference Checking
  7. Completing the Hiring Package
  8. The Appointment Letter
  9. The Employee’s First Day



To open a recruitment, you will need the following documents:

If you are filling a vacant, existing position:

  • Update the Position Description based on your current requirements. Make sure that the Position Description sent to Staff Human Resources is current and reflects the job you want to have filled. An accurate Position Description that clearly reflects the current open position is the foundation of a successful search. Note that significant changes to the Position Description may warrant a reclassification. Discuss your changes with your Administrative Services Manager (ASM) before forwarding the Position Description to Staff Human Resources.
  • After discussing the position with your ASM, seek the advice of the Classification Manager in Staff Human Resources if you make many changes in the existing position.
  • Revise your current organizational chart if necessary.

If you are creating a new job:

  • Complete a new Position Description and send it to your ASM.
  • After you discuss the Position Description with your ASM, send the Position Description to the Classification Manager in Staff Human Resources. The position must be reviewed to determine the classification level. After this review, the Classification Manager will return the Position Description with the appropriate classification to you or your ASM.
  • Begin the online Request for Recruitment process as described above by clicking Request a New Position.


For detailed instructions on using eRecruit, view our printable guide.

  • Using the position number that you are refilling, complete an online Request for Recruitment (RFR) form found here: Single Sign On > Employee Center > eRecruit Homepage > Start New Recruitment Request.
  • Thoroughly fill out each screen with the appropriate information about your recruitment plan.
  • As you are creating your Request for Recruitment, you will be asked to provide the names of your hiring team. Remember that if you are recruiting for a Unit 4 or Unit 6 position and using a search committee, a Unit 4 or Unit 6 employee must be appointed to the search committee.
  • Selection Criteria are also required. Carefully choose your criteria as they will determine how you rate each candidate after the interview.
  • Review the online Search Protocol and make any changes to reflect your search process.
  • Attach the Position Description, Organizational Chart, and Interview Questions. If any skill testing will be administered to applicants, attach copies of test materials.
  • If you are requesting supplemental advertisement, you must also fill out the online Direct Expense form in the Request for Recruitment to include:
    • Your choices of websites and publications.
    • Direct expense information.
  • Once your information is complete, submit your Request for Recruitment and it will be routed to your ASM for approval.


  • Once your ASM reviews and approves the Request for Recruitment, it will automatically be routed to the Classification/Compensation team in Staff Human Resources for review. If there are no missing documents or classification questions, your request will approved and routed to the Recruitment Manager.
  • Once the Request for Recruitment is received in Staff Human Resources, reviewed for completeness, and accepted, a Recruiter is assigned to manage the entire job search through to the hiring of the selected candidate. The Recruiter therefore is the individual who can help you throughout the entire process. You are able to follow the progress of your request online as it goes through the approval process. Normally the job will be “opened” the day after the Recruitment Manager receives it.
  • A job number will be assigned to the job search. The Recruiter will create the website job advertisement based on the materials submitted with the Request for Recruitment, including the Selection Criteria, the Position Description, and the CSU Classification standards for the job’s classification. The Recruiter will also verify the salary range and terms of employment. Once the assigned Recruiter creates the job posting, a system-generated email will be sent to the ASM, the supervisor, and the search committee chair (if you are using a search committee). This email will let you know when the job is scheduled to open and close, and what the assigned job number is.
  • The Jobs@theBeach website is updated daily. Your job opening will be listed on the website as long as it remains open to applicants. If you want to advertise your open position, we will also manage this for you. Please consult with the Recruitment Manager for help in identifying available and cost-effective advertising sources.


Applications must be submitted to Human Resources only.

A completed online CSULB job application is required for all staff and management positions. Resumes and cover letters may be attached to the completed application as supplemental information only. Applications are accepted for open jobs only. Interested applicants may apply online at: Jobs@theBeach website.

Jobs are advertised and left open for a minimum of two weeks. Applications are accepted until the posted application deadline. The Recruiter, ASM, and hiring manager will make the determination whether or not to leave a job open after the initial two-week period or close the job search. This decision is based on the quality and quantity of applicants.

Prior to the closing of the job posting, the APPLICANT POOL REVIEW will be sent to the ASM and supervisor. The Applicant Pool Review indicates the gender and ethnicity of the applicants who completed the confidential data sheet for your position. Applicants who did not complete the Confidential Data Sheet are indicated as unknown. This information is provided to assist you in meeting the University/Division objectives to have the University workforce reflect the availability of women and minorities in the labor force for a particular classification.

During the time that your position is posted, you may log onto eRecruit to view applications as they are submitted. You may not contact any applicant during the time that a job is open. You may not interview or call applicants until the job has officially closed, and you have received the “screened” applications from Staff Human Resources.

Recruitments for Management Personnel Plan employees allow for more flexibility. Please consult with the Recruiter.


After a job closes, the Recruiter will review every application and will screen the applications to determine if candidates meet the minimum qualifications for education and experience as stated in the job posting and in the “specialized skills required” section of the Position Description and Selection Criteria. The statement of “Education and Experience” that is listed for each job in the posting relates to the specifications set forth by the CSU in the Classification Standards as well as preferences listed by the hiring departments. The CSU maintains “Education and Experience” statements for each classification. These standards are used system-wide.

The Recruiter will code the applications as follows:

Qualified = meets or exceeds minimum qualifications including specialized skills.

Less Qualified = meets minimum qualifications but does not have specialized skills, or not as qualified as other applicants if no specialized skills are required.

If the pool of qualified applicants is adequate, candidates rated as Less Qualified will not be forwarded. If the applicant pool is small, less qualified applicants may be forwarded to the department. Applicants that do not meet the minimum qualifications for the position will not be forwarded under any circumstance.

After the initial screening, the online list of applicants includes only those that were routed to you by the Recruiter. This list is routed to the ASM, supervisor, and the search committee chair. Applicants who are employees in Units 2, 5, 7, or 9 will be checked in a column marked 9.3. They will also be identified on their application. These employees should be considered carefully in accordance with Article 9.3 of the CSUEU Collective Bargaining Agreement.


The hiring department should carefully review all forwarded applications based on the Selection Criteria created in the Request for Recruitment. Using the appropriate reason, “reject” those applicants that you will not interview. The reasons must relate to your Selection Criteria and must be applied equally to each applicant. Applicants who decline an interview or withdraw should be “rejected” as well using the appropriate reason in the drop down menu. The Hiring Department can then schedule selected applicants for an interview.

Use the same interview questions, same selection panel members, and same routine for each applicant to guarantee a fair and equitable search and interview process.

After the interviews, each individual on the interview team must log in and rate each applicant based on the weighted Selection Criteria. Do not submit an offer until each interviewer has finished rating the candidates.

Complete the Prepare Offer form by including the suggested starting salary, start date, and reference information. If this is a temporary position, indicate the end date. When you submit the job offer, it will be electronically forwarded to your ASM for approval. Your ASM will then submit the offer to Staff Human Resources. Do not reject the rest of candidates that you interviewed. After reviewing your Prepare Offer form, Staff Human Resources will send notifications.


Each job offer must include verification that references were checked for your selected candidate. If you are considering hiring an on-campus applicant, you may ask the individual to give you written permission to check his or her official personnel file before you make a final offer.



Please submit the completed offer to your ASM with adequate time allotted. (Staff Human Resources expects to receive the job offer information at least 10 days prior to the start date).

SALARY JUSTIFICATION - If a new employee’s starting salary is above the first quartile for his or her classification range, please refer to the “Compensation Appointment” Administrative Guideline for instructions.

Appointing Authorities are given the discretion to appoint within the first quartile of a salary range when appropriate. An on-campus employee who is selected in the search is also considered under this same compensation policy.


The Recruiter will review the recruitment documentation and the offer. Salary will be verified as well as classification and effective date of hire. The Recruiter will contact the ASM and approve the hiring of the selected candidate. The selected candidate can now be officially notified that he or she has been selected. Staff Human Resources will generate an appointment letter. This letter is the new employee’s contract with the University. This letter states the new employee’s “terms of employment” and will include an information packet containing a schedule for New Employee Orientation, Safety Orientation, and other pertinent information.

The appointment letter will be generated within a day or two after Staff Human Resources receives the completed offer request. The ASM will be notified when the Appointment Letter is ready. Then, the appointing authority (or Vice President) signs the letter, and the ASM/department will mail the letter to the selected candidate. Please return a signed copy of the appointment letter to Staff Human Resources to be included in the individual’s official personnel folder.


The new employee should sign in at Payroll Services on his or her first day of work. If the candidate is currently employed on campus and is newly eligible for health benefits, he or she will be instructed to go to Payroll to sign up on the first day of the new assignment.


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Subject Contact Phone Email
Primary Guideline Contact Karen Kerr (562) 985-8231


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Issue Date: June 2004

Last Review Date: April 2018

Amended Date: April 2018

Amended Description: April 2018 – updated for collective bargaining changes, clarification in process and links to resources and related documents.