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How Safe Are Your Mobile Devices?

This is an important question to consider since October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Each year there are more than a million hacking attempts made against our campus computer systems.  Did you know that network security tools are one of our first lines of defense to protect against these attacks?  These tools help protect our campus computing resources as well as mobile devices connected to our campus wireless network.   Since 2005, mobile device usage on our campus wireless network has exploded from about 7000 devices on the network in a single day to more than 40,000 in September 2014.  And this number is expected to continue growing as students, faculty and staff bring multiple devices to campus.

Though the latest network security technology is used and your campus workstations are actively maintained by technical staff, the next line of defense is at the employee and student level. In addition to network and other security tools, ITS has assembled a few valuable resources to help employees and students with their online security. Visit the ITS Safe Computing site to learn the best practices for arming yourself against ever-present cyber threats such as “phishing” emails and “ransomware.”  It takes basic practices and continuous awareness to maintain the safe and productive online experiences to which you’ve grown accustomed.

To read more about security on campus see Inside CSULB.

“Our Promise” - California State Employees Giving at Work
(formerly CSECC)

This is to announce that the California State Employees Charitable Campaign (CSECC) has changed its name to “Our Promise” and is once again giving state employees the opportunity to participate in its annual charitable campaign. The campaign allows employees to financially support a non-profit organization of their choice through monthly payroll deduction.

You can choose to support a nonprofit from the Donor Resource Guide, which includes hundreds of vital nonprofit programs and organizations in California, or donate to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, even if the organization is not listed in the guide found on the website.

If you wish to designate a gift, contact Payroll Services at ext. 5-4164 for materials. In addition, the Donor Resource Guide and pledge form can be found at Our Promise CA website. The pledge form can be found by clicking “Donate Now” on the front/main page of the website. This site also addresses any questions you may have about the campaign.

In addition, you may change or cancel the amount of your existing donation or select a different organization. If you are currently donating through payroll deduction and wish to continue without changes, you need not take any action.

Please submit your completed payroll deduction pledge form by Thursday, October 30 to Payroll Services. Every gift makes a difference, no matter what the amount.

Sustainable Thinking

A CSULB faculty member noticed a corner area in one of the most impacted lots on campus (Lot 7) and asked if additional motorcycle parking could be created to encourage sustainable transportation and allow more people to park in the lot.  Once this idea was shared with administration, the area was evaluated for safety and ADA compliance and a new parking space for 8 motorcycles was created! With a valid CSULB motorcycle permit, it is ready for use.

Motorcycle riders help campus sustainability efforts by reducing our carbon footprint in several ways:

  • Motorcycles can filter through heavy traffic which reduces emissions from idling.
  • An average 440 pound motorcycle uses 80% less material than a 2,205 pound car, which saves on raw materials. as well as transportation/shipping both before and after assembly.
  • Most of the motorcycle’s engine and frame are generally recyclable metal.
  • Motorcycles burn approximately 30% less gas than cars.
  • Motorcycles produced today are 90% cleaner in California than they were 30 years ago.  

If you have an idea to improve sustainable transportation alternatives on campus, please share it by writing Sustainable Transportation.

Swap Surplus Supplies Bin Now Open
First Friday of the Month, 1 PM – 4 PM

The first Friday of every month from 1 PM – 4 PM you are welcome to shop for a variety of mostly used supplies for your office on campus.  The storage container is located by the Receiving and Mail Department Warehouse. See a Receiving/Mail staff member for access. It’s a great way to recycle/share existing supplies in lieu of buying more and adding to landfills!  For more information contact Susan Ransom, Support Services Supervisor at ext. 5-1957.

CSULB Campus REGS: Regulations for Campus Activities,
Student Organizations and the University Community

The 2014-15 edition of the CSULB Campus REGS:  Regulations for Campus Activities, Student Organizations and the University Community is now available online. The publication includes, but is not limited to, regulations relating to recognition and registration of student organizations, campus publicity and posting, food sales, non-commercial solicitation, and standards for student conduct. The new “Student Anti-Bullying Policy” is also included. Limited hard copies of the REGS are available. To request a copy, call ext. 5-7547 or email the Assistant Dean of Students, Jeane Caveness.


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