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Lawn Conversion to Drought Tolerant Landscape Project

The conversion of selected lawn areas to drought tolerant landscaping and transition to a more water efficient irrigation system began this summer. Approximately 90,000 square feet of lawn will be transformed in Phase 1 of this project. This phase includes:

  • Merriam Way campus entrance
  • East and West Campus Drive campus entrances
  • East and West turnarounds
  • Landscape areas in front of the Physical Planning and Facilities Management and University Print Shop buildings 

In addition to replacing turf with the new drought-tolerant landscaping, 27 existing trees will be replaced with 37 king palm trees.

This project highlights the University’s commitment to prioritizing sustainable practices in all campus operations and achieving the water usage reduction goals set forth in CSULB’s Water Action Plan.

When the project is completed at the end of July, the University anticipates saving an estimated 3.5 million gallons of water and $15,000 in associated water costs every year.

The project was made possible with funding assistance from the CSU Chancellor’s Office and water rebates from the Long Beach Water Department and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s Water Smart program. If you have any questions on this project please contact Paul Wingco, University Energy & Sustainability Manager at Paul.Wingco@csulb.edu or at
(562) 985-8167.

Be Cautious – Play Defense

As National Cyber Security Awareness Month approaches in October, we are getting a jump on providing a series of reminders to campus employees to promote safe and secure Information Technology (IT) practices.

Maintaining a safe and secure IT environment starts with you. Please stay informed with these reminders and visit our Safe Computing site often for information on how to protect your devices, protect yourself, and stay informed.

Working online and “being connected” is essential for teaching, learning, and conducting business at CSULB. However, media reports of online security incidents occur almost daily. Cyber attacks, breaches of sensitive data, and system outages due to suspicious activities are all too common. Consequently, it is important to remember that, as a general practice, you should limit the use of your campus computers to conducting University business and follow the campus’ policy for Acceptable Use of CSULB Electronic Communications Systems and Services.

We all know that there are risks when opening suspicious links and attachments in unsolicited email, online forums, and advertisements. These risks significantly increase your exposure to malware and viruses and are often loaded onto your computer without your knowledge. Due to increasing sophistication of hackers with malicious intent, you may unknowingly install malware with a simple click of your mouse while “surfing” the web. Installation of unknown or unsolicited software can affect more than just your computer. It often opens security vulnerabilities on the campus network, which can be used to gain access to sensitive and personal data. This risk can sometimes be magnified since university computers are on a vast network of interconnected devices and files. The campus has layers of security in place to defend you from hackers, but security vulnerabilities are a moving target so doing your part by limiting your online exposure strengthens our defenses.

For a fun reminder, check out the “Don’t be a Billy” video in the Video section of our Safe Computing site.

Mailbox Service Temporarily Unavailable

The US Postal Service mailbox located directly behind Brotman Hall is temporarily unavailable due to the construction project in Parking Lot 3. Please use the alternate on-campus mailbox located on the south side of campus in front of the Education 1 Building.

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