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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

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Organization Dept ID Description Location ASM
AA-ATS 00002 Academic TechnologyServices-2010 AS Cynthia Riley
DAF-VPAF 00003 Univ Wide Budget Mgmt-0124 BH Maria Bajo
AA-ES 00004 UW Student Financial Aid-0130 BH Dawn Henderson
AA-CED 00005 Teacher Diversity-2201 ED1 Carrie Hernandez
AA-CCPE 00795 Ctr for Intl Trade & Transportation-8002 FOUND John Lyons
AA-CCPE 00006 CCPE Administrative Svcs-8002 FOUND John Lyons
AA-CCPE 00007 CCPE Information Technology Svcs-8002 FOUND John Lyons
AA-CCPE 00008 CCPE Student Services-8002 FOUND John Lyons
AA-CLA 00009 Ctr Usability Desgn & Ass't-0901 PSY Terie Bostic
AA-CBA 00010 CBA Administration-8501 COB Jeanine Pociask
AA-CBA 00012 CBA Accreditation Office-8501 COB Jeanine Pociask
AA-RSCH 00011 Ctr for Undergrad Rsch-0103 FO5 Henry Wu
AA-RSCH 00013 Office of Rsrch & Sponsored Prgm FOUND Henry Wu
AA-LIB 00014 Lib Facilities Mgmt-1901 LIB Rosario Yeung-Lindquist
AA-CED 00015 Center for Collaboration-2201 ED1 Carrie Hernandez
AA-RSCH 00016 Inst Innov Entrprneurship-4509 FO5 Henry Wu
AA-CED 00018 Center for Eval & Educ Effs-2201 ED1 Carrie Hernandez
DAF-VPAF 00019 University Services-0119 BH Maria Bajo
AA-CBA 00020 CBA Instruction-8501 COB Jeanine Pociask
AA-ATS 00021 Instructional Technology Support Svcs (ITSS) -2010 BH Cynthia Riley
URD 00022 Univ Relations & Dvlpmt-0116 BH Kathy Skara
URD 00023 URD College Development-0116 BH Kathy Skara
URD 00024 Women & Philanthropy BH Kathy Skara
URD 00029 Gift Planning BH Kathy Skara
AA-ATS 00025 Horn Center Computer Lab HORN CTR Cynthia Riley
AA-ATS 00532 Faculty Instructional Technology Support-2010 AS Cynthia Riley
AA-ATS 00026 Technology Help Desk-2010 AS Cynthia Riley
AA-USAA 00027 Fac Mentor Partners for Success-0118 BH Marianne Hata
DOIT-ITS 00028 ITS Servers, Systems & Websites-0121 BH Cheryl Perkins
AA-CLA 00030 Clorinda Donato Center-2009 AS Terie Bostic
AA-CED 00031 Liberal Studies-2001 LIB Carrie Hernandez
AA-USAA 00032 University Honors Program-1901 LIB Marianne Hata
PRES 00033 Ofc of Govt and Comm Relations-FND Bldg FOUND Maria Bajo
AA-USAA 00051 Ctr for Community Engmnt-2007 LIB Marianne Hata
AA-CLA 00052 Human Development-1602 FO2 Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00053 Women's Gender & Sexuality Studies-1603 FO2 Terie Bostic
AA-CBA 00055 CBA Graduate Programs Office-8501 COB Jeanine Pociask
AA-CNSM 00057 Biological Sciences-9502 HSCI Henry Wu
AA-CBA 00059 CBA Advising Center-8501 COB Jeanine Pociask
AA-CPAC 00060 Carpenter Perf Arts Ctr-2004 CPAC/DC Chanel Acker
AA-USAA 00061 PreBac Advsng Support Svcs-2002 LIB Marianne Hata
AA-ARSP 00063 Academic Resources-External Funding-0118 BH Marianne Hata
AA-DIV 00064 Academic Affairs Admin-0118 BH Marianne Hata
AA-DIV 00065 Office of the Provost-0118 BH Marianne Hata
AA-FA 00067 Faculty Affairs-0118 BH Marianne Hata
AA-APGS 00070 Acad Planning and Grad Studies-0118 BH Marianne Hata
AA-CBA 00073 CBA Stdnt Ct for Prof Dev-8501 COB Jeanine Pociask
AA-LIB 00087 Lib ILS-1901 LIB Rosario Yeung-Lindquist
AA-LIB 00088 Lib Periodicals-1901 LIB Rosario Yeung-Lindquist
AA-LIB 00089 Lib Shelving-1901 LIB Rosario Yeung-Lindquist
AA-CBA 00090 CBA MBA Fee-8501 COB Jeanine Pociask
AA-ATS 00091 Technology Support Services-1901 LIB Cynthia Riley
AA-CBA 00092 Accountancy-8504 COB Jeanine Pociask
AA-CBA 00093 Information Systems-8506 COB Jeanine Pociask
AA-CBA 00094 Finance-8505 COB Jeanine Pociask
AA-CBA 00096 Management & HRM-8502 COB Jeanine Pociask
AA-CBA 00099 Marketing-8503 COB Jeanine Pociask
DAF-FM 00103 GAAP Accounting-9901 FOUND Kristina Randig
DAF-FM 00104 FM Information Systems-0103 BH Kristina Randig
DAF-FM 00105 Legal Accounting-9901 FOUND Kristina Randig
DAF-FM 00106 Accounts Payable-9901 FOUND Kristina Randig
DAF-FM 00107 Student Accounting Svcs-0103 BH Kristina Randig
DAF-FM 00729 Asst VP Financial Mgmt-0103 BH Kristina Randig
DAF-FM 00736 HR Operations-0126 BH Kristina Randig
AA-CLA 00116 Journalism-4601 SSPA Terie Bostic
AA-COTA 00117 Film & Electronic Arts-2801 UTC Chanel Acker
AA-LIB 00118 Lib Reserve & Media-1901 LIB Rosario Yeung-Lindquist
AA-LIB 00509 Innovation Lab-1901 LIB Rosario Yeung-Lindquist
DSA 00119 Housing Social Activities-8701 HO Claudia Plaza
DSA 00139 Associated Students Inc. USU Claudia Plaza
DSA 00120 Student Affairs Div Support-0128 BH Claudia Plaza
DSA 00121 Student Affairs Development-8002 BH Claudia Plaza
DSA 00122 Student Health Services-0201 SHS Claudia Plaza
DSA 00123 Housing & Residentl Life-8701 HO Claudia Plaza
DSA 00124 Dean of Students-0603 LA1 Claudia Plaza
DSA 00125 Student Life & Developmnt-0603 USU Claudia Plaza
DSA 00126 SOAR/PFP-8002 FOUND Claudia Plaza
DSA 00127 Child Development Center-5901 CDC Claudia Plaza
DSA 00128 Student Conduct & Ethical Development BH Claudia Plaza
DSA 00129 Veterans Services-1201 BH Claudia Plaza
DSA 00130 Student Support Admin-0128 BH Claudia Plaza
DSA 00131 Disabled Student Svcs-0108 BH Claudia Plaza
DSA 00132 Univ Outrch & Schl Reltns-0107 BH Claudia Plaza
DSA 00133 Testing & Evaluation-0110 BH Claudia Plaza
DSA 00134 EOP/Guardian Scholars-1203 LA1 Claudia Plaza
DSA 00135 Counseling & Psych Svcs-0111 BH Claudia Plaza
DSA 00136 Career Development Ctr-0113 BH Claudia Plaza
DSA 00137 EOP 100 Instruction-01403 LA3 Claudia Plaza
AA-CED 00138 Teacher Education-2201 ED1 Carrie Hernandez
DSA 00140 Multicultural Affairs-0602 FO3 Claudia Plaza
DSA 00141 Assessment BH Claudia Plaza
DSA 00142 Title IX-0128 BH Claudia Plaza
DSA 00143 Center for Scholarships BH Claudia Plaza
DSA 00144 Men's Success Initiative LA-1 Claudia Plaza
DSA 00145 Basic Needs SSC Claudia Plaza
DSA 00146 Dream Success Center SSC Claudia Plaza
DSA 00147 Health & Wellness Admin BH Claudia Plaza
DSA 00148 Technology & Communications BH Claudia Plaza
AA-CBA 00153 CBA Instructional Tech-8501 COB Jeanine Pociask
AA-CED 00158 Advanced Studies in Education & Counseling-2201 ED1 Carrie Hernandez
AA-CCPE 00160 CCPE American Lang Inst-8002 FOUND John Lyons
AA-CHHS 00161 Military Sci, Army ROTC-5604 ET Michael Clements
ATH 00172 Athletics Marketing & Promo-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00173 Athletics Sports Info-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00174 Athletics Development-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00175 Athletics Ticket Operations-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00176 Athletics Sports Medicine-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00177 Athletics Facilities-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00178 Athletics Event Operations-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00179 Department of Athletics-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00801 Men's Basketball-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00802 Women's Basketball-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00803 Baseball-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00804 Softball-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00805 Men's Volleyball-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00806 Women's Volleyball-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00807 Soccer-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00808 Tennis-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00809 Men's Golf-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00810 Women's Golf-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00811 Men's Water Polo-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00812 Women's Water Polo-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00813 Men's Cross Country-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00814 Women's Cross Country-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00815 Men's Indoor Track-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00816 Women's Indoor Track-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00817 Men's Outdoor Track & Field-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00818 Women's Outdoor Track & Field-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00819 Beach Volleyball-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
ATH 00820 Spirit Squad-7701 BAC Tiffany Edlin
AA-COE 00180 COE Instruction-8306 ECS Dee Dee Green
AA-COE 00181 COE Administration-8306 ECS Dee Dee Green
AA-COE 00182 Computer Eng/Science-8302 ECS Dee Dee Green
AA-COE 00183 Biomedical Engineering ET Dee Dee Green
AA-COE 00187 Chemical Engineering-5103 E2 Dee Dee Green
AA-COE 00189 Civ Eng & Const Eng Mgmt-5101 VEC Dee Dee Green
AA-COE 00190 Electrical Engineering-8303 ECS Dee Dee Green
AA-COE 00191 Mechanical & Aerospace Engr-8305 ECS Dee Dee Green
DAF-FM 00212 Controller's Office-9901 FOUND Kristina Randig
AA-COTA 00214 Art-3501 FA4 Chanel Acker
AA-COTA 00215 Design-5401 DESN Chanel Acker
AA-COTA 00217 Music-7101 UMC Chanel Acker
AA-COTA 00218 Applied Music Lessons-7101 UMC Chanel Acker
AA-COTA 00219 Theatre Arts-2701 UT Chanel Acker
AA-COTA 00220 Dance-7201 CPAC/DC Chanel Acker
AA-COTA 00221 University Art Museum-8401 NCC Chanel Acker
AA-CLA 00222 Environmental Science & Policy SSPA Terie Bostic
AA-USAA 00231 Bickerstaff Ctr for SAAS-4701 GYM Marianne Hata
AA-CLA 00234 Rom Germ Russ Lang & Lit-2405 MHB Terie Bostic
AA-CHHS 00252 Health Science-4902 HHS2 Michael Clements
AA-CHHS 00254 Nursing-0301 NUR Michael Clements
AA-CHHS 00263 Physical Therapy-5603 ET Michael Clements
AA-CHHS 00264 Kinesiology-4901 HHS2 Michael Clements
AA-CHHS 00269 Health Care Admin-4801 ET Michael Clements
AA-CCPE 00270 CCPE Advancd Media Prdctn UTC John Lyons
AA-USAA 00272 Univ Ctr for Undergraduate Advising-1009 HORN CTR Marianne Hata
AA-CLA 00280 English ILE-2403 MHB Terie Bostic
AA-CHHS 00282 Family & Consumer Science-0501 FCS Michael Clements
AA-CLA 00295 English-2403 MHB Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00297 Comp Literature/Classics-2404 MHB Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00300 Communication Studies-2407 MHB Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00303 Philosophy-2408 MHB Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00304 Religious Studies-2409 MHB Terie Bostic
AA-CHHS 00305 Speech-Language Pathology-2501 LAB Michael Clements
AA-CNSM 00314 Mathematics & Statistics-1001 FO3 Henry Wu
AA-CNSM 00323 Jensen SAS Center-9503 HSCI Henry Wu
AA-CNSM 00325 Physics & Astronomy-9505 HSCI Henry Wu
AA-CNSM 00328 Chemistry/Biochem-9507 HSCI Henry Wu
AA-CNSM 00337 Geological Sciences-9506 HSCI Henry Wu
AA-CLA 00350 Psychology-0901 PSY Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00356 Linguistics-0901 PSY Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00360 CLA Technical Services-2401 MHB Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00361 College of Liberal Arts-2401 MHB Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00362 CLA Administration-2401 MHB Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00365 International Studies-2401 LA4 Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00366 CLA ATLAS-2401 MHB Terie Bostic
AA-CHHS 00368 Recreation & Leisure Stdy-4903 HHS2 Michael Clements
AA-CHHS 00369 Social Work-4602 SSPA Michael Clements
AA-CLA 00377 Anthropology-1003 FO3 Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00379 Economics-4607 SSPA Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00380 History-1601 FO2 Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00381 Geography-1101 LA4 Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00382 Political Science-4605 SSPA Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00383 Sociology-4606 SSPA Terie Bostic
AA-CHHS 00384 Criminal Justice-4603 SSPA Michael Clements
AA-CLA 00386 Africana Studies-0905 PSY Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00387 American Indian Studies-1004 FO3 Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00388 Chicano/Latino Studies-1004 FO3 Terie Bostic
AA-CLA 00392 Asian/Asian Amer Studies-1002 FO3 Terie Bostic
AA-CNSM 00396 Science Education-9504 HSCI Henry Wu
AA-CNSM 00397 Science Safety-9501 MICRO Henry Wu
AA-CED 00400 CED Instruction-2201 ED1 Carrie Hernandez
AA-COTA 00405 COTA Instruction-2004 LIB Chanel Acker
AA-CHHS 00410 CHHS Administration-5605 ET Michael Clements
AA-CHHS 00411 CHHS Instruction-5605 ET Michael Clements
AA-CNSM 00412 CNSM Instruction-9501 HSCI Henry Wu
AA-CED 00413 CED Administration-2201 ED1 Carrie Hernandez
AA-CED 00414 Ed Single Subject-2201 ED1 Carrie Hernandez
AA-COTA 00415 COTA Administration-2004 LIB Chanel Acker
AA-CHHS 00416 Ctr for Criminal Justice-5607 HS&D Michael Clements
AA-FA 00418 Employee Relations-0118 BH Marianne Hata
AA-CNSM 00419 Inst, Integrated Res in Materials, Envrnmt & Society MICRO Henry Wu
AA-CNSM 00420 CNSM Administration-9501 HSCI Henry Wu
AA-CHHS 00421 Public Policy & Admin-5608 ET Michael Clements
AA-ATS 00422 Student Faculty Evaluation-0104 BH Cynthia Riley
AA-FA 00436 Faculty Ctr for Prof Dev-1901 LIB Marianne Hata
AA-DIV 00438 Academic Senate-2005 LIB Marianne Hata
AA-ARSP 00441 Academic Resources and Strategic Planning-0118 BH Marianne Hata
AA-ARSP 00445 Inst Research & Analytics-0104 BH Marianne Hata
AA-APGS 00446 Multicultural Ctr-1005 FO3 Marianne Hata
AA-USAA 00448 Undergrad Studies and Acad Advising-2001 BH Marianne Hata
AA-LIB 00481 Lib Special Collections-1901 LIB Rosario Yeung-Lindquist
DOIT-ITS 00501 ITS Data Ctr & Emergency Mgmt-0101 BH Cheryl Perkins
AA-USAA 00505 Learning Assistance Ctr-2003 LIB Marianne Hata
AA-LIB 00508 Library Computer Labs-1901 LIB Rosario Yeung-Lindquist
AA-LIB 00511 University Library-1901 LIB Rosario Yeung-Lindquist
AA-LIB 00512 Library Circulation-1901 LIB Rosario Yeung-Lindquist
AA-LIB 00513 Lib Technical Services-1901 LIB Rosario Yeung-Lindquist
AA-LIB 00514 Research & Information Services-1901 LIB Rosario Yeung-Lindquist
AA-LIB 00517 Thesis & Dissertation-1901 LIB Rosario Yeung-Lindquist
AA-ATS 00521 Classroom Support Services-3801 PH2 Cynthia Riley
DOIT-ITS 00531 Info Tech Svcs-0101 BH Cheryl Perkins
AA-ATS 00533 Academic Computing Svcs-1006 HORN CTR Cynthia Riley
AA-OSI 00543 Ocean Studies-3702 LB Marianne Hata
AA-USAA 00545 University 100-2001 LIB Marianne Hata
DAF-FM 00550 Support Services-6601 REPR Kristina Randig
DAF-FM 00551 Department Copier Program-8004 CORP Kristina Randig
AA-CED 00580 Educ Career Services ED1 Carrie Hernandez
AA-ES 00585 ES Fin Aid/Admin Supp-0106 BH Dawn Henderson
DAF-VPAF 00589 Public Records and Audit-0119 BH Maria Bajo
DAF-PPFM 00591 Environmental Health & Safety FM/SRM Jennifer Martinez
DAF-FM 00592 Risk Management-0124 BH Kristina Randig
DAF-HRM 00664 Human Resources Mgmt-0119 BH Marita Swanson
AA-APGS 00686 Commencement-1901 LIB Marianne Hata
AA-CCPE 00689 Center for International Education BH John Lyons
AA-CED 00697 CED Credential Proc/AR-2201 ED1 Carrie Hernandez
AA-CED 00698 Educational Leadership-2201 ED1 Carrie Hernandez
AA-CED 00699 CED K12-2201 ED2 Carrie Hernandez
DAF-PPFM 00700 Deferred Maintenance-0127 BH Jennifer Martinez
DAF-PPFM 00701 University Wide Utilities-0127 BH Jennifer Martinez
DAF-PPFM 00702 PPFM Special Projects-0127 BH Jennifer Martinez
AA-CCPE 00704 CCPE Intl Training Prgms-8002 FOUND John Lyons
AA-CCPE 00705 CCPE Study Abroad at the Beach FOUND John Lyons
DOIT 00708 Division of Information Technology BH Cheryl Perkins
PRES 00709 University Ombuds-0115 FOUND Maria Bajo
DAF-HRM 00710 Equity & Diversity-0115 USU Marita Swanson
PRES 00711 President, Office of the-0115 BH Maria Bajo
DAF-PPFM 00715 PhysPlan & Facility Mgmt-0127 BH Jennifer Martinez
DAF-PPFM 00716 MH Maintenance & Repair-0127 BH Jennifer Martinez
DAF-PPFM 00717 Facilities Mgmt Projects-0127 BH Jennifer Martinez
AA-CCPE 00718 CCPE Technology Enhanced Learning Ctr-8002 FOUND John Lyons
AA-CCPE 00722 CCPE Financial Mgmt-8002 FOUND John Lyons
AA-CCPE 00724 CCPE Administration-8002 FOUND John Lyons
DAF-FM 00725 Student Financial Services-0103 BH Kristina Randig
AA-CCPE 00726 CCPE Summer Session FOUND John Lyons
AA-CCPE 00727 CCPE Academic Programs Department-8002 FOUND John Lyons
AA-CCPE 00728 CCPE Professional Programs-8002 FOUND John Lyons
DAF-HRM 00730 HR Service Group-0122 BH Marita Swanson
DAF-FM 00731 Financial Aid Business Ofc-0103 BH Kristina Randig
DAF-FM 00732 CMS Finance-0126 DAF-FM Kristina Randig
DAF-FM 00735 Financial Mgmt Operations-0126 DAF-FM Kristina Randig
DAF-VPAF 00737 Budget Management-0124 BH Maria Bajo
DAF-FM 00738 Financial Management-0126 BH Kristina Randig
DAF-FM 00739 Procurement & Contractual Svcs-0123 BH Kristina Randig
DAF-HRM 00740 HR Technology Support Services-0121 BH Marita Swanson
DAF-HRM 00741 Staff Human Resources-0121 BH Marita Swanson
URD 00742 Alumni Relations-0601 USU Kathy Skara
URD 00743 EBurns Miller Japanese Gardens JG Kathy Skara
DAF-UP 00744 UP Administrative Services-8001 UP Gracie Cole
DAF-UP 00747 UP Field Services-8001 UP Gracie Cole
DAF-FM 00749 Contract Services-0123
BH Kristina Randig
DAF-VPAF 00768 Event Services-0119 BH Maria Bajo
DAF-UP 00746 UP Support Services-8001 UP Gracie Cole
DAF-UP 00745 University Police-5702 UP Gracie Cole
DAF-FM 00748 Purchasing-0123 BH Kristina Randig
DOIT-ITS 00752 ITS Network Telecom & Security-0101 BH Cheryl Perkins
DOIT-ITS 00753 ITS Service Mgmt and Operations-0101 BH Cheryl Perkins
DAF-FM 00754 Parking Event Svcs-0757 PKADMN Kristina Randig
DAF-FM 00756 Parking & Traffic Enforcement-0757 PKADMN Kristina Randig
DAF-FM 00760 Parking Citation Svcs-0757 PKADMN Kristina Randig
DAF-FM 00761 Parking Repairs & Maintenance-0757 PKADMN Kristina Randig
DAF-FM 00763 Parking Administration-0757 PKADMN Kristina Randig
DAF-FM 00764 Sustainable Transportation-0757 PKADMN Kristina Randig
URD 00765 Office of Public Affairs-0116 BH Kathy Skara
URD 00766 University Relations & Communications-0105 BH Kathy Skara
URD 00776 Annual & Special Giving FOUND Kathy Skara
DAF-VPAF 00767 Administration & Finance-0119 BH Maria Bajo
AA-APGS 00770 Articulation-4503 FO5 Marianne Hata
AA-ES 00771 Enrollment Services-0106 BH Dawn Henderson
AA-ES 00772 ES Student Records-0106 BH Dawn Henderson
AA-ES 00586 ES Student Services-0106 BH Dawn Henderson
AA-ES 00774 ES Admissions-0106 BH Dawn Henderson
AA-ES 00775 ES Stdnt Admin Systems-0106 BH Dawn Henderson
URD 00777 Alumni Records-FND Bldg FOUND Kathy Skara
AA-CCPE 00778 CCPE Study Abroad Travel-8002 FOUND John Lyons
AA-CCPE 00779 CCPE Mktg & Communications-8002 FOUND John Lyons
AA-COE 00780 COE Custodial-8306 ECS Dee Dee Green
DAF-PPFM 00781 Facilities Services-5701 FM Jennifer Martinez
DAF-PPFM 00782 Integrated Waste Mgmt-5701 FM Jennifer Martinez
DAF-PPFM 00783 FM Engineering Services-5701 FM Jennifer Martinez
DAF-PPFM 00784 FM Grounds-5701 FM Jennifer Martinez
DAF-PPFM 00785 FM Custodial-5701 FM Jennifer Martinez
DAF-PPFM 00786 Facilities Operation-5701 FM Jennifer Martinez
DAF-PPFM 00787 Design & Construction Services FM Jennifer Martinez
AA-CCPE 00790 CCPE International Educ-8002 FOUND John Lyons
DAF-FM 00791 Print Shop Production-6601 FM Kristina Randig
AA-COE 00800 Engrng Stdnt Success Ctr-8306 VEC Dee Dee Green
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