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Instructions for Completing the Invoice Request Form

Purpose of Form: This form is to be used to invoice customers external to the Campus, also known as “Third-party payers.” Customers external to the campus include the Foundations, ASI, and 49R Shops. Depending on the nature of the revenue, an administrative fee may be assessed upon invoicing.

Where to Send the Completed Form: The form should be completed and sent to the email inbox noted at the bottom of the form.

How to Complete the Form:

  1. Provide the full name and address of the customer. The name of a person (“attention to”) is always helpful. For collection purposes, please provide a telephone number and/or an e-mail address.
  2. If you wish the invoice sent by e-mail, please indicate “yes” in the box provided and fill in the e-mail address.
  3. Provide a full explanation of the amount billed and attach PDF copies of supporting documentation with the Invoice Request Form. Let us know whether you wish supporting documents to be sent with the invoice, in whole or in part, or not.
  4. Terms: please indicate whether the terms expressed on the invoice should be “upon receipt” or “30 days from invoice date”.
  5. Remittance information: Provide information that would enable the entity being invoiced to charge their books correctly. For a non-CSULB entity, this information would most likely be a purchase or a contract number. For the Foundations, this information would be the Chartfields to which the invoice should be charged.
  6. What business unit and Chartfields should be used to record this revenue? Select one of the business units provided. Provide a minimum of the fund, department, and invoice amount. Include a program, a class, or a project if any are used for this activity. If you know which revenue account should be used, please complete this segment of the Chartfield. If not, General Accounting will assign the revenue account.
  7. Approval. The staff or faculty member approving this request should be a level 4 or above in the Delegation of Authority. The signature, the printed name of the approver, and the date approved are required.
  8. Please indicate in “Invoice Request Contact Name” the name of the person who should be contacted in case the billing department has any questions about the request. Also indicate the name of the requesting department.
  9. If you have a question about requesting an invoice, please contact:
    • Campus: Eve Szymczyk, Ext. 5-1685, or Sean Lee, Ext. 5-2249
    • Foundations: Andrea Dubois, Ext. 5-8489